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June 18, 2007

A Look Into Nokia's Mobile Webserver

by Darla Mack


Nokia_mobile_web_server I've recently been testing Nokia's new Mobile Web Server which is supposed to be released sometime soon. 

While the app is still in its stages of development its still quite appealing and I look forward to its final release.

Nokia's Mobile Web allows users to:

  • Post blog entries for web visitors to view and leave comments.
  • Share calendar entries from your device to web viewers.
  • Send SMS messages from the web to the MWS user.
  • Sign MWS users guestbook.
  • View images on the web from the gallery of the MWS user's device.
  • View phone log of missed calls.
  • Look up contacts phone numbers.

The Mobile Web Server application must be on and running on the device in order for these features to work.

The first thing that I did was customized my Mobile Web Page which was simple to do... after a got a bit of help from Rafe of AllAboutSymbian who is also testing the app.

Next I decided to test out the blog entry feature.



Upon installing the Mobile Web Server application to your device you have the option of creating and posting an entry from your gallery where you can add an image, or from the messaging menu of your device.

Nokia's Mobile Web server runs on Python... which I still haven't committed myself to exploring.

This is just a glimpse of what can be done and how it works, but I'll post more later as I fiddle around with it.  If you want to take a look at my site go here:


EDIT:  I received this email today for those who are curious regarding the difference between Raccoon and MWS.

The main difference between Raccoon and MWS, which is based upon Raccoon, is that while the former is primarily intended for hard-core developers and others who don't mind spending time at the bleeding edge, the latter is more geared towards regular end-users. However, the possibilities for customization and for building your own kind of mobsites are still there.

Furthermore, MWS provides https and access control at the gateway, so the possibilites for controlling who can access what, are much improved.

Raccoon will continue to be developed and maintained, with the intention of bringing the S60 port of Apache httpd ever more closer to the other operating system versions, and the Raccoon gateway will also be kept available.


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Wow, this is neat.
How about access restrictions - does the server work with different roles and individual accounts I can create? Are there any logs to track who is looking at my stuff?

Would also be great to have this running so I can access missed calls and phone numbers if I forget my phone at home.

I'm excited - I hope this comes out soon :) This opens up a lot more possibilities to interact with everyone out there...


Thank you for the heads up, Darla.

Just out of curiosity, on which phone did you install MWS?

mymobilesite.net only lists N80, N92 and N93 as compatible handsets. I want to use this on my N95...

Duncan Sample

I've just blogged about this. It's a good idea and offers some cool features to developers not so adept with programming for S60.

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