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May 17, 2007

SpodTronic for S60 v.3 = Mobile Radio and Podcasts

by Darla Mack

Remember SpodRadio?  I used to be a fan back in my v2 days, but really never looked into a v3 edition.  Thanks to a read on WOMWorld I found that Nechbi has the details!!

Since May 2007 spodtronic 2.1 is also running on the Nokia series 60 v3 phones!

Download spodtronic to your mobile phone in order to listen to the best radio stations and podcasts of the world, whenever and wherever you are...

If you've got an unlimited GPRS or 3G data connection, this is for you. If not, please make sure to check your data plan before using the software. You can also use WLAN connections.

SpodTronic is compatible with Nokia 5700, 6290, E60, E61, E61i, E65, E70, N71, N73, N75, N80, N91, N93, N93i or N95 handsets.  The only thing that I dislike so far is the ability to manually search for a specific podcast.  Hmmm, anyone know of any way to use a Nokia to subscribe to iTunes podcasts?


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Darla -- Ricky uses iTunes to sync music to his phones... there's a way to set it up to do so, and you can even tell it how much to sync (so that it doesn't go over the limit of your memory card).

Don't really use iTunes myself, but ask your local Symbian Guru! :)



yeah...this is a way cool app. i was using it since my n-gage days ..and then on my n70..and now on my n95. but its got some real issues. firstly ..if you have a screensaver/powersaver set..and if you are listening to a podcast...the podcast will stop when the screensaver/powersaver comes into effect. Secondly ..the streaming radio does not work if you push it to the background. And thirdly..the backlight remains on constantly ..when ur listening to radio streams. Hope the guys at liquid air labs fix this soon . :D


I couldn't get it to use my WLAN connection. Only GPRS/EDGE worked. A nice app if they can address the issues Ray mentioned (and get WLAN working unless it's unique to me).


There is a J2ME application for podcasts called mobilcast (www.mobilcast.com) that can run on s40. maybe it can fit to s60.


Well, i agree...
this issues need to be fixed, the N95 battery isnt the best....with this app the battery goes away too fast!, please fix it liquid lab!

PS: i could connect via WLAN and the stream is so fine to me...


cool app, connected my E61i to my stereo amp and wlan :-)



I like this app and loath it in equal measures! Some of this has already been said, but anyway... It uses lots of memory and can't be run in the background, so no Nokia Sports Tracker, Maps or anything similar you might want to run together. The constant backlight is of course a huge battery killer. You don't need that on top of the already high amount of juice used streaming audio over 3G! Sound quality seems okay but not as good as some of the stations I listen to via S60 Internet Radio.

The best thing about Spodtronic are it already has a huge selection of stations and most work. There's not the hit'n'miss factor of S60 Internet Radio. Having related cover art/info and intergrated podcast player is a bonus.

Back to the negatives, no dedicated volume button support and AFAICS no way to add a station yourself (although I can understand why)

To Eric, Mobilcast works on s60 3rd edition, I know this because my operator/carrier supplied it with my handset (and N73) I'm not a fan of Mobilcast, sound quality is poor, as is the user interface - I much prefer Nokia's own podcast player.

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