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May 07, 2007

Nokia N75 Preview

by Darla Mack

While our Symbian-Guru gave us an extensive review on the N75 I felt I'd chime in on my findings. 

The firmware that I have running is:

V 10.1.273
Nokia N75 (30.01)

First, since I haven't been dependent on a carrier device in such a long time I was shocked to see that the contents didn't include a headset or a mini sd card.  The contents listed on the Nseries site for the N75 include the HS-41 Stereo Headset and the MU-22 1GB micro SD card.  Of course this could differ by region, but since my device came from NY I was a bit surprised, especially since NY State has a mandatory regulation on using headsets with mobile devices.

I was impressed that I didn't have a problem installing and running java apps.  This has been a major problem in the past on Nokia devices with Cingular.  Apps like Opera Mini and WidSets seem to install and work flawlessly.

The camera can be activated while the device is closed just by pressing the camera button on the side of the handset.  Access to the web upload feature which is popular on the Nseries devices seems to be a bit tricky on the N75.  By default, the option to input Web Service settings has been disabled.  Usually you could just go open the Online Services and change the setting manually, but on the N75 it doesn't allow you to change the Provider.  In order to get around this I had to get a Provider in there.  Since I use both Flickr and Vox I had to send the configuration files to the device to get it up and running. I'll do a step by step in another post.

The # key profile switcher is also not present in the N75, which I know many people such as I use.

Like the N95, the N75 supports A2DP Bluetooth profile, which allows users to connect with stereo headsets such as the BH-501.  Using the stereo loudspeaker compared to the N95 I found that the sound clarity wasn't as clear as I would have liked and the volume wasn't as loud.  To me the sound appeared to have a bit of static when listening to music.  The N75 also supports Media Transfer (MTP) profile which made it very easy to use my Rhapsody to Go tip in order to transfer my tracks.

Screenshot0001_2 Screenshot0002 Screenshot0003 Cingular has added a new folder called IM and Email which of course has the cool IM client similar to that on the E62.  The Mobile Email client really isn't that desirable because it only allows you to setup email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, AIM and Bellsouth.  It doesn't give an option to input settings for your own POP3 or Imap accounts.

The reception to me wasn't that great.  When laying both devices side by side in a low signal area in my house, the N75 didn't pick up signal as well as the N95 did.  I also compared this to the N73 and out of all 3 devices the N75 didn't pick up signal whereas both the N95 and N73 did.

When using the N75 with Nokia's PC Suite Sync the option to sync bookmarks wasn't present.  This is a feature that I love and use with the N95 and was first supported with the N93.  Why can't this be standard on all Nseries devices?  Wait... I mentioned that already in my wish list.  During Ricky's review he noticed that it also included the option to sync email, but I guess that changed with the fw version of the device since that option wasn't available with mine.

As far as using the N75 its ease of comfort is a definite A+.  The keypad is not exactly flat but has little indents for your finger tips.  Lol I know that sounds funny, but I guess you would have to hold and use it in order to understand. 

I spent most of the time using the N75 while in closed position.  From the cover menu you can perform many functions other than just using the Music Player.  IM, Email and sms messages can be viewed and you can use the volume button on the side of the phone to scroll up and down.  It would be nice if there was a way to set controls to use the cover menu just like setting controls to use the standby menu when the device is open.  Such as setting up a mini active standby screen.

According to Cingular, the N75 currently will not be eligible for handset insurance.  Why, I have no clue but when I spoke to a store rep they said that could possibly change in the future.

One of the features that I love on my N95 is setting up daily alarms.  Ironically I received a message from a user on the Cingular Support Forums asking how to set this up on the N75.  Unfortunately, that feature isn't available.  Basically you would have to manually set your alarm daily.  Bummer.

Overall, I liked the N75 because of its ease of use and because Cingular now has a more updated S60 device with US 3G support.  Unfortunately, since 3G isn't available in my area I couldn't test the speeds.  The N75 comes preinstalled with certain apps and games such as Tetris, eBay trial and a few others, but after reformatting the phone I accidentally deleted them.  DOH!  The N75 is a perfect upgrade for Cingular users that still have the 6682 in their possession.  Since it is a S60 3rd edition device, there are many software options available for download. 

I hope that sums it up for you.  If you have any questions or more input just drop me a line.


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Jonathan Greene

Darla -

Since I am in NY, I'd be happy to (ahem) test that 3G service for you... ;)


Abhinav Kaiser

Really impressed with your review...


I was wondering about the comparison of the N75 branded v. unlocked. I have seen your post regarding mobitv, but I wonder how the difference with the N75 may affect the consumer.

Any ideas?


Hi Counsel,

Currently I don't think there are any unlocked N75's, so thats one less thing to worry about. MobiTV does work with the Cingular N75, of course, because it is a service that is provided through Cingular's MEdia Net.


In case anyone wants to use their Nokia N75 with a Mac, I made a plugin for iSync: http://tnkgrl.wordpress.com/2007/05/09/nokia-n75-isync-plugin/


Hi Darla:

I was about to buy an unlocked N75 from the Nokia store (either in Chicago or NY), but I decided to stick with a 'branded' model for 2 reasons:

1. Lower cost; and
2. Guaranteed compatibility with Cingular.

If I fly oversees, which I will, I will just get an unlock code form Cingluar. I have seen a post that states the owner had to do a hard-reset to get symbian apps to install correctly. Did you have that problem at all?

Thanks for the site and news...




The N75 isn't available at the retail stores yet but they will be soon. Unfortunately those will also be locked to Cingular. I wouldn't expect to see an unlocked version at the retail store until next year sometimes. Kind of like how they did with the E62 which is now available unlocked and unbranded.


wow i was all set to sell my nokia e50 and get this phone untill i read the review on here, no pop3 or imap email, gotta have my gmail, and to see how bad its crippled by cingulars opressive firmware ill stick with my e50, if someone figuered out how to enable at least pop3 on it would be worth getting then


@Matt... you can still use the mobile gmail client to access your Gmail. And like on all S60 Nokia's, you can use the built in email client.

David Sternlight

The N75 runs the gmail phone app, available for download from gmail. It is full-featured, in color, and works well and quickly. Why POP to gmail when you can access all the features directly with this app, which works the way the gmail web site works.

For those that run the isync app (kudos to the author), iot's much easier to edit and clean up phone listings on the Mac and then sync than it is to do so initially on the N75.

David Sternlight

I had been using an LG CU500, an excellent phone. The N75, however, is much more user-friendly, I like the directory, calendar, and to-do lists better, and the display is larger. The camera, a 2MP unit, can be operated as if it were a stand-alone camera with the phone closed. Just don't get your fingers in the way of the lens.

I took it out to Los Angeles Harbor over the week-end for a cruise, and took lots of pictures. Although I couldn't figure out how to get the USB cable to work with the Mac, I moved the MicroSD card and read it with iPhoto. The photos were clear and (after iPhoto contrast adjustment for difficult lighting conditions (dark cargo ships against huge flat-lit sky) brilliant. iPhoto is indeed a marvel.



The N75 Does NOT support the A2DP profile. It will stream audio, but not in stereo... yet. Nokia plans an update this summer with A2DP as part of it.

Hence, your speakers weren't as loud... because if you really listen, they aren't both pumping out the jams!

Ricky Cadden

Paulo - I can confirm that different firmware revisions have had A2DP active. I had it available on mine, and confirmed this by putting a song on my device (that I knew was stereo) and going up tot he Cingular store and pairing with one of the display headsets. I then listened and pulled one ear off and then the other, to verify that it was indeed 2 different things coming out of each ear, and it was.


What version of firmware do you have. My phone does not support stereo over bluetooth (confirmed by pairing with moto s9. Got calls but couldn't control music player).


Does anyone know if the N75 will work with a 4GB MircoSD card.


My phone doesn't seem to support stereo over bluetooth either when paired with the Motorola S9. Does anyone know where to find if an updated firmware is available?

Brian Wright

I've had the same problem. Tried all kinds of things to get stereo (both ears) working on the S9 with my N75. Annoying because the cheaper regular earphones- which do provide sound in both ears has lousy ear buds that don't fit well in the ears. The S9 is cool- tried it on a phone that did work but can't figure out how to get it to work with N75. Has anyone talked to Nokia about this- or had any luck?


Hey I have N75 which worked well in USA but it dont work here in Asia (as i have moved here). it displays a message "SmartChip not Valid". Could any one help me unlock my N75 tobe used with Asian SIMs. Repy at [email protected]


Hi, there is a workaround to set daily alarms on the N75 ...just set them up as a meetings. The meetings have repeats. The real bummer is the lack of a timer and stopwatch, esp. timer. Does anybody know of a good timer/stopwatch application I could download for the N75?


has anyone tried a 4gn microsd card with nokia n75


I have this N75, however I cannot get the MTP profile to connect to my PC... therefore the phone doesn't show as a device in WMP or Rhapsody to go. On my phone, it just continues to show "connecting" but never actually connects. Anyone know how to fix this problem?


Just a head's up: The N75 does do IMAP/POP mail. You have to read the user manual to access it, because it's buried in a settings page off of the little twirly-key (the one opposite the music note on the D keys). Or, open the user guide to about page 64 for some joy.



Could someone to help me?
I have bought the N75(AT&T)from USA and it will be use in Thailand, when turned on the mobile it will be shown that "SmartChip Not Valid" how to fix it?
And if I would like to install the Thai Language program in this mobile, can or can not?
Any programs?
Please kindly reply me by my hotmail.

Darla Mack

@Kik, I don't think that N75 is unlocked if you are getting that "smartchip not valid" message. Also, I'm not quite sure if the bands on the N75 will allow it to work in Thailand since it was made only for the US.

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