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May 09, 2007

Nokia Handset Developed for the Visually Impaired

by Darla Mack

Roger's Canada has just announced the launch of a specially modified Nokia device aimed at its visually impaired customers.  The Nokia 6682 now modified to Nokia 6682RVI is equipped with Nuance TALKS software from Nuance Communications and converts the handset into a "talking phone".  TALKS is a software program that converts the displayed text on the handset into speech.

According to Statistics Canada, there are more than 600,000 Canadians living with significant vision loss. Current projections indicate that with our aging population, this number will increase dramatically over the next ten years. Nuance TALKS allows these customers to be more wirelessly connected since audible cues provide access to the services available on the phone.

"CNIB applauds Rogers for its leadership in creating an accessible cell phone," added Jim Sanders, CNIB President & CEO. "Technology holds great potential in increasing independence for people with vision loss; however this potential is only realized if a product is accessible. Devices like this are invaluable for anyone, particularly seniors, who experience difficulty reading small print."

"We are pleased to be working with Rogers Wireless and the CNIB on such an important initiative," continued Paul Chapple, General Manager, Nokia Canada. "As a mobile phone manufacturer, we are committed to always keeping our customers connected, be it with friends, family or loved ones. A mobile phone that is accessible to consumers with vision loss is an important part of this commitment."

Being that the Nokia 6682RVI is still a S60 device, one would think that there are many software opportunities either available or in development to accommodate the consumer.

The Nokia 6682RVI is available in English and French and can be purchased at http://www.rogers.com/visuallyimpaired


[via:  Cellular News]


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Wow!! Is that really for the visually impaired??? That's pretty amazing.


That's pretty cool - but I hope this works with a headset as well. I know I have a hard enough time hearing my ringer sometimes on a busy street much less a detailed narration of activity on my phone.


This is great!
I've had a hard time w/cell phones for years, bout time someone thought about me!


The odd thing is, the Nokia E61 comes with built-in software for the visually impaired, it lets you use the phone with your eyes closed. You can find it buried in the Tools folder, it's called Voice Aid.

But for some reason Nokia hasn't advertised this feature at all, it's not even mentioned on the E61 official specs.


Hmm interesting point Krisse. Its also on the N75. Maybe I'll do a video showing how it works.

But I agree, it should be something that Nokia should make available.

Donald Risavy

Wondered is there a way to make the voice aid on the n75 always enabled or active when the phone is turned on and being used by a blind person or a way to make a hot key for easier access or move the voice aid to the phones desktop?

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