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May 25, 2007

New Nokia Download! Software for PC!

by Darla

Well this looks like a pleasant find from Howard Forums!  Nokia released a Private Beta Trial of Nokia Download! for PC.


Nokia Download! for PC is a free application that synchronizes with the Download! content on selected Nokia devices making is easy to find, try, and buy mobile content and apps from your computer.  You can select content and easily transfer it to your phone.  Now I'm not sure if this will solve the issue of content being available by region such as US residents not being able to get WB content.  But hopefully it does.  Unfortunately, the website still says "Coming Soon" so I'm not for certain if there are in fact any beta testers yet.  But I know I would like to be one of them! :)

Information taken from the How To's include:

Tips & tricks

Installing and using Download! for PC requires Nokia Nseries PC Suite or version 6.82 or later of Nokia PC Suite. If your Nokia PC Suite version is older, please update it.


You can connect your Nokia phone to the PC using a USB cable, Bluetooth connection, or Infrared connection. To be able to connect using a Bluetooth connection, you need a compatible Bluetooth stack on your PC. Check your Nokia phone’s user guide for further details about compatibility with different Bluetooth technologies.

You can’t change the active phone connected to your PC if there are ongoing actions in Download! for PC, such as synchronization of the download history or file transfer between a phone and the PC.

If you download content using Download! on your phone while it is connected to the PC, you can select Tools>Refresh content to synchronize the download history of Download! for PC with that of your phone.


You can access Catalogs in Download! for PC either by selecting the Catalogs tab from the menu on the left of the screen, or by clicking the Catalogs icon in the Home view on the lower right of the screen.


You can create bookmarks for your favorite Catalogs. These bookmarks will be visible in the Catalogs main view, under My Favorites.

To create a bookmark, navigate into the catalog. Click the Add to Favorites button. A window opens where you can name your bookmark.

Content types

Some content available in Download! for PC is intended only for mobile phones and some only for PCs. You can see the type of the software as a small icon on top of the content image.

Paying for content

Any payment information that you give via Download! for PC is transferred through a SLL secured connection. If you have activated a subscription via Download! for PC or via Download! on your Nokia phone, you can use the subscription credits to get content via your PC or phone. To manage subscriptions, you need an active Internet connection.

Download progress

You can view the progress of any of your downloads in the Download Status Panel on the lower right corner of the Download! for PC screen.

Managing your content

You can manage content and applications that you have downloaded by navigating to My Downloads. In this view you can also manage subscriptions that you may have activated.

Copying content

To copy content from the PC to your phone, select the check box next to the name of the content in the Mobile Content tab and then click the left arrow.

To copy content from your phone to the PC, select the check box next to the name of the content in the Mobile Content tab and then click the right arrow.

User guides

You can also view your phone guides and manuals from Download! for PC. Typically, you need Adobe Reader to view a guide or manual.

All the safety instructions in the user guides of your phone and PC also apply when using Download! for PC.


Remember to make back-up copies of all important data to protect against possible loss or alteration.

Save memory space

Install the Download! mobile software on your memory card to save phone memory.

The user guide is available for download and has an interesting tid-bit in there about a My Nokia feature in Chapter 6.

Kudos to Tech[dot]Blog for the excellent find!  Now if someone can send me an invite I'd appreciate it ;)


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The 'My Nokia' thingy is going to replace 'Club Nokia', plus add some other services to it....but you maybe already knew that..;-)


I'd love an invite too, if possible =D

henrique (at) gmail.com


hello, can i have an web site where i can be available to download nokia and t mobile software for free with no registration or anything or you do not havre to pay at all it is all free where i can put music using the sotware puting music fromt he compute inot the mobile please you write back i need for my pc and mobile.
thank you very much.



I'm not sure I understand what it is that you are looking for. You can add music t o your phone using the Music Manager in Nokia PC Suite which is available for free download.

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