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May 14, 2007

Changing Fonts on S60 3rd Edition Devices!

by Darla Mack

Sometimes when you stop searching for something it just pops up outta nowhere!!  These things I always rely on Symbian-Freak for and on the forum there is a thread on changing fonts for S60 3rd edition.  Now that post has been there for awhile, and I was too afraid to try it out simply because the instructions seemed a bit too hard.

BUT... after reading through the tutorial a bit I did a bit of tinkering myself and hopefully came up with an easier way or method of "getting it done".

Neuropol is my signature font.  Well not really MINE but the one that I chose to use.  Since many users on Symbian-Freak swear by Y-Browser so I decided to use this app.

Ok... basically you find whichever .ttf font that you want to use.  In my case I just went to the font folder on c:/windows/font on my laptop.  Pay close attention... what you NEED to do is create a folder on your desktop.  Name that folder Fonts.  Since you cannot just copy and paste a font from that windows folder, its safer to have both the fonts folder from your windows drive open AND the fonts folder that you just created on your desktop (which should be empty at this point).  With both windows side by side, select the font that you would like to use and MOVE it to the other font folder by holding down the control button and dragging and dropping to your new font folder.


From the font folder that you created you can now right click and select copy and move it back to the windows font folder.  Once thats done you can close out the windows font folder.

Now at this point you should have your created font folder open with the font that you moved inside.  From that one font type you need to create 3 copies.  Don't worry about the titles, we will change that later.  Right click the font and select copy.  From the edit tab on the toolbar select paste.  So basically you are copying and pasting within the same folder.

Now its time to rename the files of your font.  Open Y-Browser from your device.  Select z:/resource/fonts.  Here is where you will find the names of the fonts that are preinstalled on your device.  Keep in mind that different devices have different font names.  So far I've tried this on the N73 and N95 and each device has different font names. 


Once you have the correct file names from your device you can now go back into your created folder on your desktop and rename the files.   The titles shown above were the font types that are installed on my N95.  Now that doesn't mean that this will work on all N95's because the font types might differ by region, especial the APAC region.

Once you have renamed the files you can close the window.  Now its time to transfer them to your device.

This next method can be done 2 ways.  I suggest using a card reader because after the fonts are installed to the memory card you can no longer use the phone in Mass Storage or Data transfer mode.

The second method is to connect your phone via USB and select Mass Storage or Data Transfer.  Once connected and the file manager opens, go to your Resource Folder.  This will be your E:/ drive.  Open the Resource folder and copy your Fonts folder stored on your desktop to this location.  Once the transfer is complete close all windows and go to the USB folder on your phone and select PC Suite mode.  The reason that I do this is because it is safer to power off the device once out of Mass Storage or Data Transfer.

Power off your device and power back on... Viola!!!!!



The image on the left is from the N73.  The middle image is from the N75 and the image on the right is from the N95.  Now of course I'm sure that this font isn't all that , but its a great compliment to my theme!

To restore your original fonts, simply put your memory card into your card reader and open the file manager from PC Suite (if it doesn't automatically open).  Go to the Resource folder and delete the whole Font folder that you created.  Once you put the memory card back into your phone and power it on your original fonts will be restored.

Thanks to new blogger S60TV.com for his post and Symbian-Freak's thread for keeping me up 2 hours trying to get this to work on my N95!!  Now if someone can point me in the direction of changing the Op Logo on S60 3rd edition I'd be a very happy camper!



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Raimo van der Klein

This is great. Can't wait to get started..Thanks!

Robert Nicholson

If you want to copy something it shouldn't be necessary to move it from it's original location to the new one. Just use modifiers namely control, shift or alt to change the way Explorer handles the file.

alternatively you can also select the file you want control C for copy and then move to the folder you want to copy and use control V

To copy a file
Press and hold down the CTRL key while you drag the file to another folder.

moving system files outside their intended folders is never a good thing.



Thanks for that. I did at first put the files in E:\Resource and not E:\Resource\Fonts and they did not work. Now its fine.

Made a little batch file up to copy the files directly to the memory card where the card is "J:" and the font name for my N80 is S60xxx.ttf

cd c:\temp\fonts
del *.ttf
copy \windows\fonts\%1.ttf c:\temp\fonts\S60SNR.TTF
copy c:\temp\fonts\S60SNR.TTF c:\temp\fonts\S60SSB.TTF
copy c:\temp\fonts\S60SNR.TTF c:\temp\fonts\S60TSB.TTF
copy c:\temp\fonts\S60SNR.TTF c:\temp\fonts\S60ZDIGI.TTF
copy c:\temp\fonts\*.ttf j:\resource\fonts /Y

So, called "CopytoS60.bat jokerman"



Ahhh...my N73 got bricked.

not..jk... love the site.


Lol Monadi you shouldn't scare me like that!!!!

Rita Khoury

yup Darla, Robert Nicholson is right... I was wondering why the 'eck you went through all that 2 windows with drag n drop thing. Just open c/windows/fonts then highlight the font you want, click CTRL + C, then go to the destination folder and hit CTRL + V... That's mainly how I copy my fonts from pc to pc, or give some of my fonts to my friends.
That's also mainly how I do all the copy/pasting I need to do on my pc. Right click then copy is just a thing from the past :D
Anyway, this trick has been on for months now, though I never gave it a shot... I think now I'll do. My signature font is palatino linotype (i do also use sylfaen from time to time)

Mau Maus

I got a N95... but wit mass storage i only see C:\ and E:\, but E:\ is the memorycard. I treid everything. Got a extra hint for the N95? I also cant copie them in the map wit Y-browser or Fexplorer... thats blocked...

Mau Maus

I got a N95. But if i choose Mass Storage.. I see C: and E:, but E: is my memory card! And C is the basis phone memory... I tried to copie from memorycard to Font map wit Y-browser en Fexplorer but that is blocked. So maybe got a tip for the N95? thnx

Mau Maus

sorry i just see the moderation :$


@Robert... thanks for shortening that step for me. Lol I am actually aware of that but for some reason didn't use it. DOH!!

@Rita ditto what I said to Robert :) Yeah I know its been on Symbian-Freak for awhile, and I've looked at it and looked at it, but it was the post on S60tv.com that prompted me to get my butt in gear and do it.

@Mau Maus... did you get it working yet?


I tried to change the font but it didnt work I changed the names and but on the font folder on my E61 there is 3 font name and the one I created that has four So i m little confuse about that part. and i downloaded the Y browser and once I connect the USB the frist time it was ok with the connection but now every time i connect it says it is being used by another application so it cant be done. Can u please help me...


Those tricks already were posted on forums a few month ago.


@Faisal... if your E61 only has 3 font files then only rename 3 instead of 4. Because your new fonts are stored on the memory card, it will make it impossible to use in data transfer mode, thats why you are getting that message. Using a card reader and not the data transfer method on the E61 correct the font folder that you created on the memory card to only contain 3 and name them the same as whats on your E61. That should work.

@William .... I'm aware of that, thats why I put at the beginning of the post that it had been on Symbian-Freaks for awhile, but I just got around to doing it.


or get Font Magnifier from Psiloc



Does anybody know how to restore the original font?


@Friedbrains.... Font Magnifier is a no go on the N75. Myself and someone else messed up the N75 installing that app, so I don't advise it for all phones.


To restore or revert back to the original fonts, use a card reader and delete the Font folder from e:/Resource. Once you restart the phone the original fonts will be restored.


Thanks, Darla! I'll give it a try tonight when I get back home! One more question: is it E drive or Z drive, cause both have resource/Fonts path on them? :) tnanks again!


Now if someone can point me in the direction of changing the Op Logo on S60 3rd edition I'd be a very happy camper!... I dont know about change, but if you want NO LOGO is there a chance to do it!


In he link you must follow the instructions and enjoy!

After install over free wifi then open nologo select you operator eg: vodafone
type in your mobile number allow send text message (yes) then save sms logo
thats it all done.


@diego... thanks for that, but I'm lookin more to change my logo, like use my own graphic or text instead of just removing it all together :)

@ACTPOHABT... email me when you get home. If I'm online I'll try and walk you through it. You don't want to do anything to the Z drive!!!


Worked like a charm! ;) Thanks, Darla! :)


just wanna thank Darla for the great font changing guide.. I know that there are earlier font-changing guides out there i think around january-march of this year or even earlier but i was unsuccessful in following all of those.. they were unclear of exactly what to do.. im glad Darla always puts up a font-changing guide on new phones, i remember she also made a font-changing guide on s60 ver2 phones; the one with the font remover thing.. i am so glad that using Darla's easy and comprehensible step-by-step guide, i was finally able to do it.. I changed my boring n73 font to a Tahoma font.. Well, i know there are wacky and newer fonts out there but i like the sleek look and readability of the Tahoma..


Mau Maus


I still didn't got it working on my n95 :( I tried so much.. everywhere i could put a "#:\resoucre\font" folder i did... but nothing works.. could you make some sort of guide for the n95 how you done that?

thnx alot in advance


Hiya Mau Maus,

The steps in this guide I originally tested on my N95 first and everything worked fine. What part are you having problems on? You only need to put the Font folder in the Resource drive on E... not everywhere else. Only one spot.

Mau Maus

Wel E:\ is my memorycard... and i put it there also.. same font as yours ;) but when i restart nothing happends :(

Mau Maus

resource map isn't standard on my e:\ memorycard.. i had to creat it myself.. i dont know what more i can tell you :$

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