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May 14, 2007

Changing Fonts on S60 3rd Edition Devices!

by Darla Mack

Sometimes when you stop searching for something it just pops up outta nowhere!!  These things I always rely on Symbian-Freak for and on the forum there is a thread on changing fonts for S60 3rd edition.  Now that post has been there for awhile, and I was too afraid to try it out simply because the instructions seemed a bit too hard.

BUT... after reading through the tutorial a bit I did a bit of tinkering myself and hopefully came up with an easier way or method of "getting it done".

Neuropol is my signature font.  Well not really MINE but the one that I chose to use.  Since many users on Symbian-Freak swear by Y-Browser so I decided to use this app.

Ok... basically you find whichever .ttf font that you want to use.  In my case I just went to the font folder on c:/windows/font on my laptop.  Pay close attention... what you NEED to do is create a folder on your desktop.  Name that folder Fonts.  Since you cannot just copy and paste a font from that windows folder, its safer to have both the fonts folder from your windows drive open AND the fonts folder that you just created on your desktop (which should be empty at this point).  With both windows side by side, select the font that you would like to use and MOVE it to the other font folder by holding down the control button and dragging and dropping to your new font folder.


From the font folder that you created you can now right click and select copy and move it back to the windows font folder.  Once thats done you can close out the windows font folder.

Now at this point you should have your created font folder open with the font that you moved inside.  From that one font type you need to create 3 copies.  Don't worry about the titles, we will change that later.  Right click the font and select copy.  From the edit tab on the toolbar select paste.  So basically you are copying and pasting within the same folder.

Now its time to rename the files of your font.  Open Y-Browser from your device.  Select z:/resource/fonts.  Here is where you will find the names of the fonts that are preinstalled on your device.  Keep in mind that different devices have different font names.  So far I've tried this on the N73 and N95 and each device has different font names. 


Once you have the correct file names from your device you can now go back into your created folder on your desktop and rename the files.   The titles shown above were the font types that are installed on my N95.  Now that doesn't mean that this will work on all N95's because the font types might differ by region, especial the APAC region.

Once you have renamed the files you can close the window.  Now its time to transfer them to your device.

This next method can be done 2 ways.  I suggest using a card reader because after the fonts are installed to the memory card you can no longer use the phone in Mass Storage or Data transfer mode.

The second method is to connect your phone via USB and select Mass Storage or Data Transfer.  Once connected and the file manager opens, go to your Resource Folder.  This will be your E:/ drive.  Open the Resource folder and copy your Fonts folder stored on your desktop to this location.  Once the transfer is complete close all windows and go to the USB folder on your phone and select PC Suite mode.  The reason that I do this is because it is safer to power off the device once out of Mass Storage or Data Transfer.

Power off your device and power back on... Viola!!!!!



The image on the left is from the N73.  The middle image is from the N75 and the image on the right is from the N95.  Now of course I'm sure that this font isn't all that , but its a great compliment to my theme!

To restore your original fonts, simply put your memory card into your card reader and open the file manager from PC Suite (if it doesn't automatically open).  Go to the Resource folder and delete the whole Font folder that you created.  Once you put the memory card back into your phone and power it on your original fonts will be restored.

Thanks to new blogger S60TV.com for his post and Symbian-Freak's thread for keeping me up 2 hours trying to get this to work on my N95!!  Now if someone can point me in the direction of changing the Op Logo on S60 3rd edition I'd be a very happy camper!



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You may try www.mobango.com; surely you will find lots of themes there for your phone. Good luck.



when i plugged in my n73 phone to the computer using the USB cable, i chose 'mass storage device'. the file manager fails to pop up. i am supposed to access the file manager through the computer using the USB connected to my phone right? then why doesn't it pop out? or do i have to do something to make it pop out? assist me please, i'm a newbie =) thankie_you



Make sure that you installed your Nokia PC Suite. Once it is installed attached your phone to your PC via USB cable, double click the PC Suite Icon to open it. Once it is opened you can wee a lot of icons on it and one of them is the "file manager". You can browse you phone by double clicking it.

lee thompson

using my n95 i also could not get the font to change, followed your instructions lots of times, when i turn fone back on, nothing changes, my font files were named as yours and i tried to get the same one you used, moved them to where you said it still aint working, been trying to do this for months without success, im starting to doubt that changing the fonts is possible, maybe this is a windup !!

lee thompson

also, r.e. your instructions>> how do install the fonts to my memory card, ive moved the new font folder there like you said but theres no option to install it, i can also still use mass storage, seriously nothing at all changed, i think the fone is still using the fonts in the fone memory, and the ones in my memord card are idle somehow

lee thompson

yippee finally figured out wot i was doing wrong, when renaming the files DO NOT put .ttf on the end cos when i checked the files in ybrowser they were called nohindisnr60.ttf.ttf so i renamed the file nohindisnr60 and the fone automatically adds .ttf on the end, then it worked, i think user 'mau maus' was probably doing this also, cheers


thank you so much Darla for giving a fun and detailed easy-to-follow guide! i've been frustrated for being unable to change my n73's fonts after following some complicated instructions at other places. really, big thanks! cheers :D


its actually easier than i thought it'd be. But i had a few errors while trying. Note: Not all Fonts will work, some came out like random symbols so be careful wat u choose.
So all you have to do is open up your E:/ drive. Note: you cant do this with Pc suite you have to use mass storage or a memory card reader otherwise resource wont be in the list you see. and if you create a new one called resource (ur in the wrong)
So open up E:/ drive, under that, open resource. Drag your Fonts file in there and make sure you dont name the file with .ttf extention
for exaple, nohindissb60
the phone will add the extention to it automarically. For people who still didnt get it (((like myself)) hope this is helpful


Hi darla... my font in z drive is s60sc.ccc and s60tchk.ccc so how i'm gonna copy it's name?


Is it possible to use bluetooth for the transfer of files instead...? Cos I've got a Mac and no PC Suite...?


Before I make a mess of my N95... What exactly do I download from the Y Browser website...? There are sooo many different files to download there eg. Y Browser (diff versions)etc, Y Task etc...? All I want is just to change my fonts on my hp, & maybe remove the 'Notes' & 'Calculator' (found in the Office Folder) that came with my Hp. I'm not very tech savy so I feel that it's best to avoid those files that I don't really need... Thanks In Advance! :-)


hello im just wondering , i cant find my z: drive on my n9, ican only find it wen im looking through my phone using y-browser, but weniplug it in to the computer i cant find it :s rely confused if you could help me it would be great. im just bored of the standard n95 fonts they am so all the same lol ,any help wud help me thanks


Qwerty Adelaida

I had on N95

For sample picked up comicsans.ttf
made 3 copies and renamed them as following, changing file extension in 2 cases for .ccc
Copied to card, rebooted. Working perfect.
Looks really funny.

Still want to ask a question:
Looks like my n95 is from Asia :) so it has English..., and 2 usless asian languages (useless for me)
On the other side I would really like to have Russian installed at least for text messaging.
Does anybody know how to do this?

Tony Brooksville

Qwerty Adelaida

change your phone code to Euro-3 and you should have russian installed with firmware


i have managed to do this, but my problem now is the fact i have a nokia n95 8gb, this as you know has internal storage and not a card.. i can not access my storage via my usb cable to delete the font folder i have created.. any help will be much appreciated..



My N73 got the following files in the font folder.

1. S60CC.ccc
2. S60TCHK.ccc
3. S60ZDIGI.ttf

Which file(s) should I rename and put them on the memory card? Thanks!


"i have managed to do this, but my problem now is the fact i have a nokia n95 8gb, this as you know has internal storage and not a card.. i can not access my storage via my usb cable to delete the font folder i have created.. any help will be much appreciated.."

same problem!!!!!! :( HELP......




thank you so much... ive been searching for how to do this for ages and your the first person who just stated it step by step thank you.... love the blog and love the theme id love to make one like it its cool




i did it >> but with an arabic font > and when I've restarted the phone >> everything is in squars >> it gives me a message (in squars of corse) and it wont work >> i mean it will just give me that message and stops working ! I tried to format the phone by pressing *,3 and the call (green) button >> but still its not working and i still have the squars !! what can i do know ??

click click

Hey Darla...you are a star!!!!! Been trying this for ages on my N73! Novella was also a big help as I too put the .ttf extensions on when re-naming the fonts! And you have have to use Mass Storage to copy the font folder across. The dialog box will pop up (like it does if you connect a camera etc) then just pick the "explore files/folders". E: drive will be on there, then just follow Darla's steps!



I'm still confuse :s
Are we just copy .ttf in E:/resource/font many times n rename the format same as in Z:/resource/font !! Notting else??


thank you so much darla. I never knew it's this easy. I have n95-1 and it's awesome! Thanks again!


thank you so much darla. I never knew it's this easy. I have n95-1 and it's awesome! Thanks again!

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