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May 29, 2007

AT&T To Announce New International Text Messaging Plan

by Darla Mack

Attnewlogosm Ok this is the first good news that I've seen come out of AT&T/Cingular.  Well for me at least because I do text alot internationally.

EngadgetMobile reports that a new text messaging package is in the works and is scheduled for a June 3rd launch.  Currently, users that sms outside of the US pay 20¢ for outgoing and 15¢ for incoming messages.  Depending on your need for international messaging this may be ok for you.

The new plan will include 100 text messages per month for $9.99 and does not include picture or video. 

I suppose this is a good thing for some, but maybe even a $4.99 for 50 messages might be good as well.


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Ms. Jen

Hi Darla,

As a AT&T wireless customer in Southern California before the switch over to Cingular, I WELCOME the return of AT&T as the service with Cingular the last 2.5 years has been crapcrapcrapcrapcrap in the SoCal market. Both voice and 3G/GSM/data service has declined during Cingular's reign in our area.

The funny part is that when I have traveled to other cities, esp. Raleigh/Durham, I have noted a marked improvement of reception and data transfer speeds. I am not sure if the LA/OC/SoCal market is just too big for the network or if smaller markets are getting the new technologies rolled out before the big markets, but I have been waiting to see if the AT&T execs will improve matters.

Crossing fingers that Cingular/AT&T will stop dropping my data packets, before I add any features to my account and give them any more of my $$.


Boy does T-Mobile's International SMS plan beat this...

I would much rather pay $0.35 per SMS sent to have unlimited INCOMING messages. To be charged for what you have no control over sometimes (ie: friends sending you lots of AOL-love) is rather unfair.

Go t-mo.... and GO DIVA ;)



Us old school AT&T Wireless customers have the best plan.....$4.99 for 50 intl SMS with free incoming. :)

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