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May 09, 2007

An Evening with S60, Helsinki!

by Darla Mack

First NYC, then Chicago.  Next stop... HELSINKI!!

The Evening with S60 event is traveling and the next stop is Helsinki!  I guess Phil forgot to mention it, lol.  But he has so much going on with him and Dan planning everything!

In true S60 Party fashion, the Evening with S60 in Helsinki will include some of the same stuff that's on the menu for Chicago.

Hey all you S60 enthusiasts in and around Helsinki!

Our "An Evening with S60" event first touched down in New York City, then Chicago, now we're trying to score a hat trick with Helsinki! So you're all very warming welcomed to our third "An Evening with S60" to be held at the Nokia Flagship in Helsinki, Thursday June 14, 2007 from 19.00 to 21.00 (they're shutting down the store an hour early for us). It's a night of networking, technology, and of course...fun!

We're still busy putting together another exciting agenda for the night, but so far the plan is…

  • Food & Drinks
  • Finally meet (in the flesh!) all those Forum members you've been reading about an chatting with over the years.
  • Share your S60 experiences with S60 product line engineers and architects.
  • Finland is the home of S60, so I promise to bring many members of the S60 crew along!
  • Hands-on with all the latest S60 devices including the Nokia N95, E61i, E65, E90 Communicator, N77, 6110 Navigator, 6120, and 5700.
  • One-on-one demonstrations and presentations.  (And of course we'll bring the infamous "Tune My S60" demo!)
  • A whole lot more!

So if you plan to be in Finland around that time and would like to attend, please visit the registration page for more details... lol or you can just bug Phil!

Rumor has it that the next location will be in London either September or October.

[via:  R2's Vox]



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Great news! It's only about an hour from where I live. I'll probably attend although Thursday is not very suitable day for me.

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