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April 09, 2007

ThreadSMS - Chat Style SMS

by Darla Mack

Ricky and I have been Twittering and Texting for a couple days checking out the newly released 3rd edition app called ThreadSMS by EHandySoft.  You may remember the discussions from a few months ago on CoolSMSChat and the development of a Threaded SMS app which stemmed from a post started by RingNokia.

Screenshot0030 Screenshot0031 ThreadSMS was finally released yesterday and can be purchased from the developer's website.

As you can see, the app lists 3 of my active chats.  Lol I found it easy to just change Twitter's shortcode to its own name in my address book.  Once you select the chat and open it you can receive and respond to messages within that open window.

You can also reply with smileys!

Other useful features are going to be added in future. like save chat history.


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Thanks Darla for great info. ThreadSMS is another 'must have' application for me. I've been waiting for such app for a long time and finally it is! Thanks again!


heh, i was thinking of writing one myself (not that i would know how).

i don't know if this one does it, but it would be great if the app took over the smses before the notification tone could go off or the notification icon. then, it would be great if it allowed viewing the twitter thread by username.

just a few thoughts.

Chris Fardon

You should be carefull of this program and the manufacturer. I purchased the program 4 days ago and never recieved the activated program or a link to it. I have sent 3 emails and still no reply. I am going to ring my credit card company and warn them about them and ask for a charge back.

Chris Fardon

Hi, would like everyone to know that i have received the program and to ignore the above post. although i do think they should handle purchases better and advise people as to what is happening and that it may take a while to get the software. If the moderator of this blog wants to remove this message and the one above is fine by me.

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