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April 07, 2007

The Symbian History Meme

by Darla Mack

Wow, now I have to put my thinking cap on for this.  Olly has updated his blog with a new post titled "Your Symbian History Meme" and I as well as others have been tagged.  Instead of posting all the devices with a bit of history I decided to just post my flickrstream.  So here goes...

Since I'm apparently supposed to tag someone and Ricky and Mark have been tagged, I'll pick....

Steve Litchfield (who I think has had almost every Symbian device there is), Stefan of Ring Nokia, and my buddy Andy of BraveHound.


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Account Deleted

Hi Darla,

very nice pictures. I am using typepad too. How do you integrate flickr in typepad?

Best regards



wow.... now tht wopuld make a great S60 collection.... just wondering is tht all the phones u ever owned? & how many do u have now.... at the moment?


You're on!

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