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April 11, 2007

Profile Change Shortcut Missing From Some N95's

by Darla

I received an email today regarding the # shortcode missing from the Nokia N95's that were recently sold in the retail stores.  Apparently, Nokia USA customer service is aware of the situation, but I'll keep you posted on the result.  At the moment this is only affecting those with the following firmware:

V 10.0.018
Nokia N95 (C7.01)

For those that aren't aware, when you press the # from your standby screen it is supposed to switch your profile to Silent.  This short code has been known in most of the Nseries devices. 

Anyone from Nokia care to shed some light on the issue?  Maybe a future fw upgrade might fix the issue.


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I sent Darla the email. Thanks Darla for posting it to investigate this issue. Nokia USA just called me an hour ago (they’ve been really good about following up on this issue with me) and said that they are going to investigate the issue further and try and get back to me in the next few days. They had me perform a soft reset on the phone (removing the battery for five minutes), restore the original phone settings (found under Tools, Settings, General) but nothing worked.

This feature is a big deal to me - ask any Treo owner and they’ll tell you how convenient it is to have a button dedicated to switching between general and silent modes. I don’t understand why Nokia would remove this feature from the US version.

Darla, again, many thanks to you for posting it on your blog.


Joao da Silva

This is not an issue, the manufacturer can make this kind of functionally change from one product to another without notice. If the userguide is informing about this feature, now we have a real SW issue.

Mark Guim

another user claims it doesnt work on theirs either:

From UK T-mobile

Nokia N95(43.01)

Anyone any ideas?


@Nishant, not a problem. I'm hoping that there will be a fix for this.

@Joao, yeah its actually in the user manual.

@Mark, yeah I've seen a few members on the forum mention it as well. There was one purchased from the Carphone Warehouse thats having the same problem.


Mine doesn't work and I bought it from the Nokia store in NYC.


No such problem on N95 in APAC:

Nokia N95 (12.02)


This is not unique to the N95. I've had the same issue with my UK N73 since I got it despite updating the firmware twice.

V 3.0704.1.0.1
Nokia N73 (39.01)


I wouldn't be surprised if this is an issue with many US model Nseries devices. This is still not fixed on the US N80/N80IE even with the new 4.0707.7 firmware update released last week despite the fact that it is clearly documented in the user manual.

Peter Cheok

Hi! I'm from Singapore, and its working on my N95! Same firmware version as above.


No problem with EU bought N95:

Nokia N95 (02.01)

Danie Kwong

I just bought mine yesterday and im having the same problem too. At least i know
its not broken. Hopefully theres a solution for this

My firmware is

V 10.0.018
Nokia N95 (15.01)

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