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April 02, 2007

Only White Goes Pink!

by Darla Mack

Screenshot0018_2Last month [email protected] created a theme paying tribute to my site... which I loved!!!!  He has recently updated that for my N95 and changed the signal bar icon from the N73 to the N95.

On the lines of symplicity (mentally reverting back to Tommi's post on visual clutter) I've always been a fan of Babi Nokia's "Only White" theme.  Very clean and simple.  She (yes she) recently created a "Think Pink" theme which has the compliments of "Only White".  I recently spoke with Babi via email and she created a version of her popular Only White theme with pink borders. 

Another thing I'd like to mention.  You can go to any theme site out there and [email protected] and Babi are sure to be among the many creative theme developers.  When you see that "Donate" button on their sites... please consider clicking it... this isn't just themes, this is art for out coveted devices and they put alot of work into it.

To download this theme click here.


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John Barton

I like the theme very much, thanks for sharing...I've got a N93.

Thomas Donaghey

I've admired [email protected] and Babi Nokia's work, but am frustrated that they haven't made anything for the E70. Install one of their themes, and the backdrop gets stretched when the screen is rotated.

I'd love to learn more about themes and their creation, particularly given how few themes work properly on the E70. (How does one figure out whether a given theme is made using vector art?) Unfortunately I don't have regular access to Windows boxes...


I'm very sorry, but for the moment with nokia carbide or Nokia theme studio3 is not possible change both screen.. For example: N80 has 352x416, but in the gallery (landscape mode)become 416x352 and this image can't be edit, the program strech the background image and there is no way to edit.... The same with carbide..... With carbide you can do a theme in 415x352 size, but in portrait mode you see a strached images.... Only in some themes with svg images you don't see images strached but is very difficolt work with theme ( I'm not a graphic )
Sorry for my english.. hope you understand what I mean

Thomas Donaghey

Babi - Thanks so much for your note. I passed it along to Tommi Vilkamo, who runs the S60 applications blog at http://blogs.s60.com/tommi/ . He wrote me back this morning. It seems he's passed the note along to Nokia's graphics team, who will consider this for future development. They report, though, that there is the option to crop the background image instead of stretching it, which at least would preserve the shape of the image.

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