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April 12, 2007

Nokia Video Manager

by Darla Mack

For years now I've been using a program called Nokia Media Studio, formally known as DVD to Nokia to convert my dvd's for my Nokia's.  Now it seems that Nokia has come through with an add-on solution for additional conversion methods.

When I first checked out the website I noticed that the compatibility list only included 3 phones, Nokia 6110 Navigator, Nokia 6290 and the Nokia 5700 So I didn't even bother checking more into it.  Thanks to Jukka, Rafe and Alessandro we now have confirmation that it does in fact work with other devices.

VideomanagerNokia Video Manager scans and converts any selected video file on your computer to mp4 format.  Conversion types include avi, mpeg, wmv and mov (DivX, XVid, MPEG-2 and  Quicktime codecs).

According to AllAboutSymbian, the current S60 devices that are capable of playing mp4 (H.264) are the N71, N73, N75, N76, N80, N91, N92, N93 and all S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices including the N95, 6290, 6110 and 5700.

As I'm writing this I'm also scanning my laptop for files to convert to the N95.  One thing I can tell you is that it does take a long long time and makes other running application perform very slow.  But then again I guess this depends on how much you have stored.

While it doesn't convert DVD's directly, its still a progressive method of making sure you have the correct format on your device. 

Download Nokia Video Manager



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yay! finally something trustable ahha


Those of us using Mac OS X have been ripping from DVD straight to MP4 H.264 for a while now using Instant Handbrake as well as regular Handbrake. iSquint is used for converting other video file formats into MP4 H.264 on OS X.
Shame that no one is really working hard on that for XP Pro/Vista users.


N91 isn't capable of playing MP4 (H.264). N91 is capable of playing MP4, but only H.263 :(


Hi there....

The Nokia Video Manager does not work on Nokia e50 handset. The audio is successfully converted, but the video does not show up.


Scanning went quite quickly, but I do not have that much videos on my PC(about 20). Scanning also found small files quickly but I had few larger files(>100Mb) which slowed down scanning.


I have just tried this program. Seems a bit silly that you cant just drag and drop files into it. Also - its incredibly slow. I only have one 300mb video in my collection, and its taking about 20 mins to convert it - painfully slow! And my computer is quite powerful before you ask if its that.


Hi! I have a Nokia E50 and am struggling to find a solution for converting videos into the MP4 format. If I use Nokia VIdeo Manager I get only audio. I am glad that I am not the only one facing this problem. I tried other free for dowload tools for converting it into MP4 but the Real Player application does not recognise them as valid files. If anyone can either suggest a good conversion tool or a alternate player for my mobile phone I will be greatly indebted! :) Looking forward to some help in this.


Me too, I got only video!!! I think maybe its the source file format and codec, my files are xvid encoded and this is maybe the problem. I'll try to conver mpeg file and see what happen.


Mine too! everything converts fine with Nokia Video Manager but then when i try to play the file it will only give me audio on my Nokia N95. Weird thing is that when i play the same file on my computer (through nokia video manager) it still only plays audio. Any ideas anyone? do i need to upgrade codecs etc?

oliver boiser

i've started using nokia video manager... have a very big problem converting... seems that the converted video is flipped up and opposite... someone help...


I get the same problem with the nokia video manager, its very fustrating! I did however find that CorePlayer will play most of the videos im trying to convert, in there original formats (xvid, divx, mov etc) but most of them are uncompressed :( although not a problem if you have an n95 8gb, although be prepared to WAIT while a 700mb movie transfers to your phone!

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