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April 06, 2007

Nokia N95 To Hit The Flagship Stores

by Darla Mack



Ok so this really pretty little bird called me and had this to say...

Nokia Chicago will have their N95's in and available for sale tomorrow.

Since there was a waiting list these people will be the first to receive them.  There will also be some first come-first served sales around noon.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU CALL THE STORE PRIOR TO SHOWING UP!!

Nokia NYC is having a private sale Saturday night beginning but not really sure on the details.  The price as I mentioned before will be $750.

EDIT:  I've just received more confirmation on Nokia NYC's private sale.  Firstly, there are more people on the waiting list than devices!!!

Nokia NYC will be closing its doors tomorrow at 5PM and at 6PM re-opening for the N95 Launch Event.  Basically, the people that have had their names on the waiting lists should be receiving notification by phone sometime today with their invite and confirmation number.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER TO GET IN!  Due to limited supply only 1 purchase is allowed per guest.  The N95 Launch event will feature Product Specialists showing the different features and functions of the N95 and refreshments.    If you have any questions, please call the store after 3PM on Saturday.

Nokia Chicago
543 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL  60611

Nokia New York
5 E 57th Street
New York, NY  10022


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I put my name on the waiting list at the NYC store last weekend. Looks like I won't be getting a call. :-(

I'm $94 away on Amtrak (one-way) and would have gladly hopped the train tomorrow if I got the call.



hey darla, great news there. i am in newyork and 10mins away from the store. i was wondering if that price for $750 includes tax.


lol.. I didn't get a call either. But, that doesn't bother me because my business location is only a few blocks from the Nokia store so I could basically walk up there.. I think I'm going to wait for the Black N95i.. Till then, the N80ie will suffice :)


@Weave, no thats not including tax. I believe NYC sales tax is 8.75% but it might be different for electronics.


I *just* got a call from Nokia with my confirmation number. Looks like I'm jumping on Amtrak. That will add $200 transportation cost to my phone -- but hey, it's an adventure! :)


btw, my mad dash to NYC (leaving soon) will be documented on the pic blog site popug -- http://www.popug.com/user/weave/ -- as well as my visit to the store and (better be) purchase of my N95!


Actually, this is probably a better URL for the pics... I post both places at the same time.


I'm on the train heading up there now. I sure hope that code guarantees one of these things. Seeing a 47 year old guy crying won't be a pretty sight!


On the train heading back to ole Delaware. That was a blast! Met some great folk, including one fellow that actually knew from this site I was heading up there on the train today!



Lol, I've been sitting here following your Flickr photos since you posted the link!! I'm so glad that you got your N95. So, dare I ask, was it worth the train ticket?


I opened the box but haven't set it up yet.

I usually don't do crazy stuff like this .... but couldn't resist.

I'm sure I'll like it. Been reading about it for months in loads of places, including your site of course. I will miss the swivel head on my N90 though -- and the screen on it, while smaller, actually has more pixels than the n95 so that will take getting used to.

Thanks for the great blog! Very informative and entertaining. I was hoping to had gone up to the store a while back when they had that invite-only special event but couldn't get away that evening.



hey darla, thanks so much for the heads up. i got me N95!! today. YAY!!!


wow would it be nice to get my hands on one these tomorrow


Hi guys, I am new here. I am going to NYC tomorrow. Does anybody know whether they have it in stock or not? Thanks

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