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April 06, 2007

Nokia N95 and Rhapsody to Go - Musical Bliss

by Darla Mack

My friend Andy tipped me off to the compatibilty of Rhapsody and the N95.  Man I remember back in the days wondering why if Real Player was a standard Nokia feature, why Rhapsody was never compatible. 

We already know that Rhapsody works well with the N800, which is cool.  But finally there is support for several Nokia devices, such as the N91, N73 and the lovely N95!!


The steps are simple. 

  • If you aren't already a member of Rhapsory, sign up for a Rhapsody account trial, and make sure you sign up for a Rhapsody To Go plan (it's free for 7 days).  Download the Rhapsody software and install.
  • When you open the Rhapsody player be sure to login using the account you just set up (otherwise it defaults to be a generic Rhapsody 25 account, meaning you get 25 "free listens" before all songs turn to 30 second samples).  Lol since I had an account from years ago that I no longer used this is what happened to me.
  • Connect your N95 to your computer using the USB cable.  Make sure to set the USB connection type to "Media Player" on your phone.  As you can see in the image, I have both the N73 and N95 connected.
  • You will be prompted by Rhapsody to authorized the device that you choose as a Rhapsody To Go device. 
  • Chose the songs that you like and just drag and drop them to the listed device.  Your transfer status will appear on the bottom of the screen.  You can transfer random songs or create playlists.  Andy gives good tips on his blog on just how he uses the service.
  • Don't stop there! Try syncing up with recommended playlists. Rhapsody can auto-populate your phone with playlists built from artists and channels you've ranked using an iTunes-like "star" rating.

Now pair something like this with a stereo BT headset like the BH-501 and you can dissappear into musical bliss!!!  Or something like that.

Thanks for sharing Andy!!!



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It might be worthwhile to note that all of the bits gleened from the Rhapsody music store are lased w/DRM. Hence, once the songs are burned to CD, playing your selections on other digital audio devices (that do not have the same DRM de-encryption schema) won't be possible.

Jonathan Greene

If the N800 was supported we'd really have something here... 2 memory card slots = massive multimedia support.

Of course if I had the N95, I'd probably be cool. Not a fan of the pop-port headphones for the N73...


Although its not fully supported as in adding the N800 as an authorized device, you can connect the N800 via usb and save the tracks to the memory card. Also, if you use your N95 or supported device to create a playlist by moving songs to the music mixer, once you login to the Rhapsody application on the N800 those songs will be there.


Can you drag a Rhapsody Channel to the N95 so that it automatically refreshes with new tracks every time you connect it? (Like with an iRiver Clix Rhapsody)


This no longer works. Real Technical Support says they changed the compatible products three months ago. It now only works with the N800 and N810. Still looking for convenient music syncing to my N73...


It does work but you need to make sure you set time to Network Time because it needs a trusted clock.

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