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April 13, 2007

Nokia N800 Navigation Kit Available

by Darla

Main_navicore The Navigation Kit for Nokia N800 is now available for purchase online in selected countries in Europe.

The Navigation Kit includes world class Navicore 2007 navigation software that helps you find destinations and interesting locations. The included car holder allows it to be used comfortably and safely in your car. Don't forget that you can also easily search for information on your destination from the web with the same device.

The Navigation Kit also appears on NokiaUSA's website, priced at $239.00 but is listed as out of stock, so hopefully its coming soon.


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I already own that Bluetooth GPS unit, which drives me nuts. I got it before I got my N95, and if they start doing US map data I hope I can just buy the software for the N800 separately.

Otherwise I'll have to hawk my GPS unit in an era where many of NOK's handsets have integrated GPS units. Boo!

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