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April 27, 2007

Nokia Catalogs Now Include In Download! on the N95

by Darla Mack

Screenshot0042_2 I don't know why I've been waiting for this, but I have.  Right now, Nokia Catalogs on the N95 only includes Nokia Software Market, but hopefully Handango will appear soon.

Out of curiousity... how often do you check your Downloads! section?  I tend to check mine every other day, just to see if anything new is added. 

Since the Catalogs content differs by region, I'm hoping that more stuff will be available to the US such as Warner Bros. mobile content - including favs from Looney Tunes, Batman Begins, Hanna-Barbera, DC Comics and more.


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I used to check my Downloads! app every day but then I got tired to not find anything new. Now I check it every monday.
Nokia Software Market and Handango updates so rarely that I might check those out only once every 2 weeks.
But as a sidenote, I connect my N73 to my computer almost every day to check for firmware updates. :)


I've checked mine a few times since I've got it, nothing interesting turning up, so I've stopped checking for them.


@R2... lol why are you checking almost everyday for N73 FW updates? Shouldn't once a week be enough?

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