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March 23, 2007

The Nokia N95 Gift Pack

by Darla Mack

Ok now that I've calmed down I can get to the pics.  Let me first explain that the reason that I watermarked the N95 image is because of all of the ebay scams thats been going on since September when the device was announced.  Rafe's images were the most popular on ebay for a long time running.


As you can see, the box was filled with goodies such as BH-501 Bluetooth Headset, Nokia SU-8W Wireless Keyboard, 2gb MicroSD, AD-42W Audio Gateway, but here is the best part...


So, as you can see I will definately be having a blast this weekend. 


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Nice one Darla! There's some great kit there, and it all works so well together . . . just a small hint, to get the headphones to sync you have hold the multipurpose button in for much longer than you think. Have a great weekend.


Thanks for letting me know James. I plan on getting this set up so that I can head to the beach on Sunday!!


the second pic looks pink! is it the unforseen Darla Mack version?! hahaha...

Digital Femme

Oh NO you didn't! Congrats on the new Baby Girl!!!!


It looks pink- because it is! Nokia hooked this gal up. I bet it's a one time deal done specially for the mobile diva. VERY cool.

Congrats, Darla!

Nseries Arena

Great color on that one. Looks like the N73 Pink. Is it the same?


Purdy!!!! I want one. :-)

Michael aka BeerBong

wow what a killer package .. fantastic ;)
hoorray for darla!

Account Deleted

Hi Darla,

congratulations from Germany for this nice device. It seems to run stable now as I tried it at Cebit last week. Did you discover any software bugs so far?

Tony Wang

Hi, DarlaMack,Frist congratulations from China, I,m a nokia fans too,I have had a purple N95,but my grilfriend very very like pink N95,could you tell me where wre you buy it~?

thank you~:)


Hi, Darla,congratulations!! the pink N95 looks nice,I'm a nokia fans from China,I have a purple N95,but my grilfriend very very like pink N95 when she saw youe blog,could you tell me where were you buy it~?

thank you~:)


Hi Darla,
Could you have SU-8W working with N95? I could not :(


Hi Bulent,

Yes I have the SU-8W working well with the N95, however, the keyboard doesn't always connect right away. Even though I set the bt connections to authorized I always have to search for the keyboard again.

What issues are you having?


Hey Darla, as you advised, I connected n95 and su-8w using Menu/Office/Wireless keyboad and had the connection. thnx


Nokia never gave out or made a pink N95. The housing was swapped just like your son said "the buttons match the black one", nokia never made a black one either. It's a post to make you feel superior to others. Like Nokia hooked you up. lol yea right. Why of all people would they hook you up with all that? They don't do special stuff like that, especially for usa consumers. You posted a video that shows you opening the N95 Pink. The box was pre opened and you know you swapped the housing. There is a guide on hofo (where you're a member)for how to do it. You just used that and bought a pink non oem back from ebay.

BTW: Stop faking. Stop using the money I pay from my taxes to buy your phones and buy that kid some nice stuff.

Ricky Cadden

@Nope! Wow, someone sure is jealous. You say Darla bought a non-oem pink cover for the N95. Hmmm, at the time this video was made, the *real* N95 wasn't even out for retail. And it's been out for a few months now, but a quick search on Ebay didn't turn up ANY pink covers. Weird. So it's VERY highly unlikely that she bought a non-oem cover.

And it's not like Nokia hasn't hooked her up before. Where do you think she got that pink N73? And the other pink phones she has?

It sounds to me like someone's got a bit of a jealousy streak, and likes to take out his inferiority complex on the internet. Mature.

As for the personal hit in your little "BTW" comment, if she bothers you that much, why waste your time commenting on her site? Take out your pocket protector and go out into the sunlight.



You know, I hardly ever post ridiculous or stupid comments, but I felt compelled to post this so that I could justly respond.

First of all... check your dates. The Gift pack that I received came out well before or if not right around the time of the official N95 release. Feel free to send me the ebay link of a pink housing for the N95 because I know alot of people that are interested in purchasing one. My video and post were also out long before the post hit Howard Forums on how to change the housing because up until recently there were no housings available... or did you really not know that?

Secondly, and in reference to my son... how DARE you!!! The relevance that my son commented on in that video was the similarity to the black N80 that I have. Sad that my 4 year old knows more about phone comparison than you do. And as far as how I care for my son... that is none of your concern.

Thirdly, while commenting anywhere on the blogesphere is widely open to whomever and whatever they want to say, get your facts straight first. Being a member of the blogger relations programs give people in the industry, such as myself, an advantage... lemme rephrase that.... a well deserved advantage!! At first I was upset by your comment, but you know what? I've been doing this too long to let someone like you get me down. AND YES... NOKIA DID MAKE MORE THAN ONE PINK VERSION OF THE N95, I'M JUST THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS A RETAIL VERSION... YOU DON'T LIKE IT, TALK TO THEM, DON'T TAKE YOUR JEALOUSY AND FRUSTRATION OUT ON ME NOR MY SON!!!!

On a lighter more spiritual note... you try and have a blessed day.


It's funny how you have all pink "OEM" mobiles from Nokia, but the ones that you have that are not pink are the ones that are hard for an average joe to change the housings. lmao

You're a fake. There's no jealousy here. I just hate frauds. I will never believe Nokia gave you all those so called "pink oem" mobiles. Once in a lifetime, maybe. But not all those times. Others may fall for it, but not me. If that was the case, then others would have all exclusive mobiles. Heck you say they gave you them and they will never be available in the usa. They just wouldn't do it. I know.



Nokia only gave me 2 pink phones, the N95 and the N73, which was available in pink in the Hong Kong music edition that I blogged about here.


The N-Gage housing that I have is OEM Pink and was very hard to find since it wasn't made or sold here in the US, but I purchased that myself. The only other pink phone that I had was the Hello Kitty Sanrio edition which was sold on Sanrio.com and I purchased myself.

I have had pink aftermarket housings such as the pink one that I have on my 5300. Other phones such as the 3650 and 7210 also had pink housings created by Nokia which I did also own. If you are a member of Howard Forums, which I'm assuming that you are since you mentioned them in your original post, then you would know that as long as I've been a member its been known to all that pink is my favorite colors. This in no way means that I am a fraud or a fake and I'm sorry that you feel that way.

Its funny that you say that Nokia wouldn't give out such things, but didn't mention anything regarding the gift pack itself... did I make that up to? There were 7 of us that attended Open Studio and the product review announcment. At the announcement it was mentioned that there would be only 2 colors which were plum and sand to be available at launch... but look, there is also warm graphite available. Who's to say that maybe pink won't be available soon? I'm sure no one expected to see all of these new colors available for the N73 but there is an array of colors now... including pink.

Once again, I'm sorry that you think I'm a fake and a fraud... but as long as I and others know the truth, I think I'm done explaining.


"BTW: Stop faking. Stop using the money I pay from my taxes to buy your phones and buy that kid some nice stuff."

Did you use your Brain one single second you've written that post??
if you have something you don't like about Darla, then tell her, but leave her kids the F out of your frustrated, jealous words for god sakes .. :(


Hi this is my first time here, I've been planning to get a N95 on ebay and today I found someone frm Hong Kong is selling different colors of N95 (Silver,Silver Grey,Red,Pink,Black,Plum,Gold)... and I'm just curious if all those are "real" N95 (except Sand and Plum)? Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot!


Hi GG and welcome!! I'd be curious to check out the listings, and you want to be very careful with ebay auctions. But the only authentic colors available for the N95 is Sand and Plum, with the exception of Warm Graphite which I believe was exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.


It's all jealousy, Darla. They can't be like you so they hate you haha.

Fone Freaky

Thats hot! I have to say I am so jealous.. Thats killer that phone is the bomb, okay Darla how did you get the pink one and who did you KILL for it!? LMAO.. Well hats off to you. Your the woman diva Darla! I WANT ONE :-( I got one but the sand its not pink like yours, I sure hope you enjoy it, its gorgeous!!!!!! Btw: I have not seen you on anymore?


Gifting your girl friend a N95 would be the best gift ever. But what
if you have it with a cute lil' pink housing that comes with a soft
smooth finish? Now that would be really something 'cuz she'd know that
you really put your mind into giving her something nice, rather than
just spending money on the best in the market. And when her friends
see the pink N95 they're bound to ask about it. nice eh? ;)


dilin anand - http://s603rd.blogspot.com

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