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March 23, 2007

Unboxing The Nokia N95 Gift Pack

by Darla Mack

Yesterday we say as Steve unboxed his beautiful new N95.  Today, and on schedule from DHL I received my N95 Gift Pack. 

Diva's are known to be a bit dramatic, but there was no dramatic performance when I opened my box of goodies.  Amazement and a bit of uncontrollable loud screaming yes, but I wouldn't call that dramatic if you really mean it!

I'll get some pics up in a few of the full contents, but right now I must go off and continue screaming!!

*Kindly pay no attention to that accidental cleavage shot... that was done while trying to hold the N73 under my chin so I could use both hands!


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Matt C.

Darla you are now officially (more of) a star over at HoFo --


People are amazed at the pull you have to get a *pink* N95, not to mention you've got a marriage proposal from Greenteeth!



Mark Guim

NICE! so u get to keep it?!

Ricky Cadden



Congratulations, Darla! That's amazing! Enjoy your first pink-N95 weekend! :D

Antoine of MMM/Brighthand

Congrats Darla. It fits you and the site perfectly. You kid is cool too, knows more about tech than many adults I work with.


Thats called connections!

And I love how your son said it resembles the black one (n80).



Congrats Darla. Its cool to know someones at Nokia took the time to get you hooked up with that rare variation.

Props to the kid too. ^_^


Wow Darla that's great! And it SO goes with you... Congratulations on your new N95... I know you'll enjoy it very very much, as much as I've enjoyed your website.


Who's a lucky girl? Enjoy ya new addition...

Just makes it even more frustrating for us who want to get our hands on one now. ;-)

I wait with anticipation your 1st thoughts of this production handset.

Keep up the good work Darla!


Congrats on the one-of-a-kind N95. Thats awesome, and couldn't have happened to a nicer person. ENJOY!!

Still waiting for mine.


If this is a production handset, presumably there will be other pink N95s?

Please, anything but grey and black!


Not grey and black, sand and plum.


i just watched the video and i think you answered my question!! i guess nokia does really care for its people!


Wow .Darla. Its amazing. When u'll review the fone? Love to ur N95 and u.


Thanks for all the luv guys!! Man after watching the video I realized how totally messed up that room was!!! EEKKK!! Lol, it normally doesn't look like that, but when DHL arrived this morning there was no way I was gonna wait to open that box!!

I've received several emails about the color of the N95 and not to sound snooty but at the moment this is a special edition for me. I have no knowledge of whether there will be a pink edition in the future, but according to product page on the Nseries site it will be available in Sand as well as plum in certain regions.


I can't blame you. I sure as heck wouldn't be able to set the box down and pick up around the place- sounded like you had a sleep over with a bunch of kids. After a night of that, and a big ol' box from Nokia, who wants to clean!?

Nice pull on the VERY limited edition D-Mack N95! I venture to say we'll not find another one like it.

It was nice to see you over at n95users.com, I hope we'll see more of the mobile diva in those parts!


Darla....i've got a 3 yr old myself and I your very brave allowing him to touch it. My daughter blew up my 7610 a few years ago and since that time she's only allowed to touch dummy phones.............or motorolas =)

....your son is a cutie btw!



Lol @ motorola's! I don't think I could get away with giving him a dummy phone. I don't know if you remember this but he used to be the Howard Forum's baby mascot!! When he was first born Howard sent him a HoFo t-shirt and someone sent him a Nokia Stress reliever squeezie toy that was shaped like the 3390!! Lol I'm preparing him for a future at Nokia!! Hehe.

As of now he hasn't destroyed any of the Nokia's (he pronounces it Nokio), but he has messed up a Helio, changed the settings on my hubby's Sprint phone so that its in airplane mode while he plays games, and deleted the games that he didn't like!

Michael aka BeerBong

fantastic stuff darla, i'm both, happy and jealous, but you deserve it definitely!!
and i couldn't stop laugh when you started to scream "OOOH ITS PIIINK"! lol ..

have a nice weekend
Michael aka BeerBong

jackie neave

where can i get a pink n95 for my 50th birthday at the end of april please tell me, getting jealous now ,lol


Congrats Darla with your Pink N95. I love Pink...well, my sister loves pink:-)

Take care and have a good day.


Damn. Why can't anyone care about me enough to send me a pink N95. I must bash Nokia some more, maybe then they will try harder to please me...

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