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March 22, 2007

Nokia E90 in Grey

by Darla Mack



We know that the E90 comes in sexy black mocha and racy red.  Lol, color names enhanced by "me", but Asri of i-Symbian shows us the E90 in grey.

Asri gives few details about the device, but the one thing thats cool is that the microSD slot is spring loaded. 

So that makes 3 color choices now.  Not quite sure which region the grey one is for.  I personally still think that the black mocha is more sexy. 


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Jim Hughes

Were those pics taken with an N95? They look very pink...


Im speechless, well not really..

This is building up the anticipation for me even more!

Im also waiting for the black one. It looks cleaner in a sense.

Jukka Eklund

It's not black, but dark brown. I think they call it mocca actually. Very cool looking, don't know about sexy.. I'd say N76 in shining red is sexy.

I'd guess we won't see grey colored E90 anytime soon, brown and red are the ones announced so far.


Thanks Jukka!! And you are right, the N76 in shiny red is sexy. Hmmm, I think Nokia should contribute the Red N76 to Project RED.


i heard that the silver E90s are actually the old prototypes... so, it might just be mocha and red for now... but then again, darla pink may not be a bad idea for the express covers... ;)


Cool cells..i think i wanna have one for myself. How do u think i can transfer my contacts and all. I am using zyb.com. Can anyone tell me if it has SyncML?

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