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March 29, 2007

Its Always Good To Have At Least One Carrier Supported Device

by Darla Mack

I think the reason Cingular customers get so aggravated about our unlocked devices is because of the known lack of support.  Our devices are not welcomed by the network.  Now I can understand why so many people are awaiting the N75, present company included.  Its more of an ordeal with Cingular than T-Mobile.  At this point I don't think T-Mobile could care less about what device is used.  But since Cingular has so many features being offered they can call the shots. 

It is a good idea to have one carrier device though just for support purposes.  This is normally even better if both devices are operating on the same platform... that way you can utilize the same apps on both devices, providing that your favorite software isn't locked to the IMEI number.

So although I am currently using my N95, I have an E62 as a Cingular... until of course the N75 is finally released.


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Unlocked devices should NOT be a problem for a phone network. Finland has operated with 100% unlocked devices for many years and operator services work fine.

I think American phone networks deliberately make life hard for people who use unlocked devices, because unlocked devices increase competition between the networks.


Hi, could you please deactivate the Snap previews on your site if you have the capability ? In all honesty, the resulting popups are annoying in the extreme. Thanks.



You can disable the Snap preview from within the preview box if you'd like. My apologies for the annoyance.

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