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March 12, 2007

iPhone Wannabe My Fanny

by Darla Mack

As a blogger, AKA online journalist, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  But I like fact more than opinion.  I don't really pay attention to opinions because they differ around the community we call the WEB.  The recent article that triggered me this time was Steve Hall's misconception that the N95 is an iphone wannabe.

...Nokia N95, an iPhone wannabe that's a phone, mp3 player, gps, camera and video cam all rolled into one. It's entirely unsexy compared to the iPhone but Nokia's always made things that work quite well...and with more than one service provider. If you choose the N95, you won't be as cool as your iPhone toting hipsters but you might have a bit more cash in your pocket and a little more flexibility.

I will say this much... I don't know much about the iPhone, and as I've mentioned before its because it doesn't interest me.  But what makes the N95 an iphone wannabe?  We didn't know about the iPhone until the rumors started.  We didn't see the iPhone until CES.  And the N95 was mentioned way back in September.  We knew the specs and features, and those of us fortunate enough to caress one were in agreement that the convergence device was sexy as hell!  Yeah ok so we can't get iTunes.... big deal.  If we really wanted it there are methods. 

I never liked the term wannabe.  It sounds so childish.  Maybe because I've heard the term too much during my childhood.  But an iPhone wannabe the N95 is not.  The one thing that I do know is that the iPhone is locked and restricted and cannot be unlocked.  This is fine for consumers that are happy with this.  Actually, in honesty the consumers call the shots.  They know what they want.  But I seriously doubt someone is gonna walk into a celphone shop and ask for the iPHone wannabe. 

Lol, I consider myself a sexy person by spirit and thats mine to carry.  But to say that the N95 is unsexy must come from a person that has no clue that sexiness lies within a person and not what device they carry.  Sorry Steve if I've offended.  I'll admit... I thought that the RAZR was sexy, until I found that it didn't do all the things that I wanted it to. 

The one thing that I do agree on in Steve's article is the amount of money you will save in getting an iPhone over the N95,  BUT at this time I know about 10 people that will shell out that money for the N95.... sexy or not!


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The N95 is definitely not a wannabe :) Outside of North America, it is the phone to have, with much more functionalities and an open platform that one can install many useful apps. The iPhone is not proven yet, though we all have no doubts of its pedigree. But if its going to be closed, that will be tough to accommodate. I'm very happy with my N73, the upgrade path will depend on how both phones perform in the real world, not at CES or on specs sheet ;)


No... you missed one of the best parts! He's saying you're gonna save some money if you get the N95 instead of the obviously superior iphone. He even said you'd be cooler if you had an iphone.

Ricky Cadden

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If Nokia took their current products, put some marketing behind them, and made them available nationwide IN A STORE of some sort, they'd sell like hotcakes.

As much as I rant about US 3G, the iPhone doesn't have it, and there's (for some god awful reason) still people who want it.

But if Nokia would spend some $$ on marketing and distribution, they could sell any phone they wanted over here.



Both the iPhone and the n95 are milestones in mobile devices for different reasons. I admit I was tempted by the iPhone. Plus being a mac guy, I am predisposed to want one. But if I had to pick (and I am) just one, it will be the N95.


I really love the iPhone to bad is does not come with 3G (HSDPA).

Jim Hughes

Hey Darla, that's a classic title for a post ;-)

I guess you were trying to be less rude and not say ass, unfortunately it's *far* ruder to say fanny than ass in the UK, now I'm puzzled as to why your vagina is an iPhone wannabe...


Jim, should I have used tushy, bum,bottom or arse??
I had no clue thats what that meant!!!!

Jim Hughes

Ass or arse are probably least ambiguous, you're gonna upset people anyway, or at least amuse pedants like me :-)


HA! I didn't know that either. If you're wondering why that part of her anatomy has anything to do with an iphone, I bet you'd be really thrown if someone said they're gonna take you out to fannysrestaurant.com!


I would just ignore this guy and delete the entry. Every time someone clicks that link the guy makes money from people viewing his page.

Janne Jalkanen

I complained recently about "iPhone killers" - how could you kill something which is not out yet?


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