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February 11, 2007

The Pink Nokia N73 - No Longer a Myth

by Darla Mack

Pink_n73I received an email sometime last week mentioning a pink N73.  I hadn't seen nor heard of one.

A comment on my recent post (which I think was by the same person that emailed me) prompted me on a search.  Google didn't quite reveal what I wanted, but there is always something on ebay even if not at alltimes relevant.

Apparently, the Nokia N73 Internet Edition comes in pink, according to Nokia's Hong Kong site


But if you are interested in the N73 Pink version, there is a reputable seller on ebay that has them.  Not that I'm promoting ebay buying, but X1387 is well known on Howard Forums for being reputable.


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Dang it, hope my better half doesn't know about this :)

Baby Girl

I'm going to have to get this OEM housing for my phone. I heard about it too and thought "ick", but now after seeing it...


@Rip... thats not nice!!!!

@Baby Girl... let me know when and where you find the OEM housing so I can get one!! :)


This one's for you, Darla

And other ladies that just have to have a pink phone.

Nokia Pink Lover

I came thru your website thru one of your friends videos on youtube.com
I've been looking for a cellphone for months!..me being a FAN of nokia for life eyed the 7390 Pink..but it's pretty much runs like the 7373and not really fond of calmshell phones..then the n73 white and red came out and i wishedddd they made a pink.and low and behold during Valentines day i decided to check the HK asia nokia site...and there it is. haha i did ebay it and found that ONE seller..and you saying they are reputable lets me trust to be a buyer..because the pictures looked like it was "color replaced" in photoshop. Your Site is GREAT!...More Power to female techies! hehe..i love gadgetsss...especially those in gurlie colors. Keep up the Great work you have the most up to date information!...i wish maybe u did video reviews on youtube of phones. If i could afford it or have sponsers sponser their cell phones to me to review them like on cnet.com ...OKE hehe TAKE CARE :)


@Nokia Pink Lover,
Thank you so much for the compliment! Are you ordering the pink n73 from ebay? Let me know how things go. :)

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