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February 22, 2007

Nokia N76 - The Ultimate Strength Test

by Darla Mack

During CES in Vegas, our group took the ultimate ride, in the ultimate vehicle down Las Vegas Blvd.  But that wasn't the ultimate.  Yeah being in a stretch hummer limo was totally amazing, and while hanging out the sunroof (which is totally against the law in Vegas) some of us got some amazing video's while going down the strip.

This particular video was the ultimate.  The N76 strength test!!  (Kiddies don't try this at home!)

I'm dying to see someone try this with a Motorola RAZR!


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Baby Girl

OMG!!! And it was in working condition after that??? I know the limo driver thought you guys were nuts.


Yea I think that most Nokia phones are made really really well and can definitely withstand being dropped and normal wear-and-tear, but drop it one time in some water and it's GONE.


Amazing!! My mouth dropped when I saw the video. Totally cool!!



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