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February 27, 2007

Installing GAIM Instant Messenger on the N800

by Darla Mack

One of the first things I looked into, besides having a screenshot application for the N800 was GAIM.  GAIM is a multiclient (protocol in this case) Instant Messenger application that gained popularity on the 770 Internet Tablet and has now been ported for the N800.

While searching and digging on ITT's forum, I found alot of different threads regarding installation.  I myself am still trying to understand how and when to use and/or change repositories, so its kind of hard to ask on a forum without being shot down or being told repeatedly to use the "search" button. 

One of the starting points is to understand and change the repository.  Many people don't know where it is located or how to change it.  This is very different than the simple one-click options that we have on our mobile devices.

First things first... go to Tools > Application Manager.  Once your Application Manager is open goto Tools > Application Catalog


Once you open the Application Catalog you will see catalogs available.  What you want to do is create a new catalog.  In this example we will create 2 in order to access GAIM.



If you don't already have Maemo and Maemo Hackers catalog, we will add them now.  If you do have them installed, make sure that the url, distribution and components fields are correct.

Catalog Name: (its easiest to insert the application name in this field, ie. GAIM, since the same repository might be used again with a different component field)
Web Address: (this is the repository name) http://repository.maemo.org/
Distribution:  bora
Components:  free non-free

Now for the 2nd one.

Catalog Name: Maemo Hackers
Web Address: http://maemo-hackers.org/apt
Distribution: mistral
Components: main

Once you have created your catalogs you will be asked to refresh your catalog list.

Now if you check your Installable Applications you will see many files there for GAIM.  The files that you want to download are:

maemo-gaim-data (which usually installs with the main app)
maemo-gaim-locale-(the language that you choose)
maemo-gaim-protocol-(IM client that you wish to use)

Once all of your chosen files are downloaded and installed, you should be able to run GAIM with very little problems.  I've used both MSN and AIM, but have had a few issues with Yahoo.  But at least I have my main ones working.


As you can see in the image, the client chat windows are tabbed which I love! 


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Michael aka BeerBong

YAY!! here i am! lol ..
great guide darla, like usual!

Gary Smith

I really like my N800 and have been searching for Gaim install help. The instructions above did the magic I needed. This has made my N800 complete. Thanks so much for helping us numb skulls. Your help is most appreciated. Thanks, Thanks Thanks

Gary Smith

Vanha Väinämöinen

Hi, do you have any problems with Gaim on N800. Mine shuts down when N800 goes to standby mode. It's not officially ported yet to Internet Tablet OS 2007?

Gary Smith

After installing the latest N800 OS update (OS 2007 edition v. 3.2007.10-7) I can not reinstall Gaim. I get message that it's not compatable. Guess they will have to do an update to Gaim for the N800 updated OS.


thank you so much!! it worked like a charm and i love my new nokia n800 internet tablet.

Gavin Ng

After installing GAIM onto your N800, can you chat with friends who use AIM on their desktop computers? Please answer me. This decides whether I buy it or not.


@Gavin, Yes you can chat with friends who use AIM or AOL on their desktop... but that shouldn't be the only reason to purchase the N800.

Gavin Ng

I purchased the Nokia n800 yesterday, and I can't seem to get the internet working. When I check the connection, it says that I am connected to a WLAN (I was in a wireless hotspot when I did this). But when I open up the browser and go to www.yahoo.com, a message comes up that says "Network connection error. Try again?" When I tried to install GAIM, by pressing "refresh application list," nothing comes up. It says "search failed" or something. Is there something wrong with my product, or am I missing something to have my internet set up? Please help me. Thanks.

Adam Alkins

Just wanted to say thanks for the guide, very helpful !


Hi. Thanks for the gaim guide.

I followed the insructions to the letter, but after adding the 2 catalog's, I go to refresh applications and I get "unable to refresh list. Last refresh list is shown" Any ideas?




My N800 gets stuck while refreshing the applications, if i cancel the applications and try to install any gaim file for IM it says file missing LIBXAU 0.



i have a problem my nokia n800 keeps on sayin "unable to refresh" how can i fix this problem??? PLEASE HELP ME :(

Julio Cesar Lara

Sorry i have a N800 internet tablet but im not speak english very well so i'll try to explain my issue... I have 2008 OS and i make the catalog but when i choose the maemo-gaim component (the first one) i can't install it because the component is not compatible with that OS, what can i do answer me pleease you Beatifull Goddess

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