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February 15, 2007

Creating Sub-Folders On S60

by Darla Mack

I love hacks!  Let me rephrase... tips and tricks.  One thing that I've done with the Menu on my S60 devices is to create my own folders for easy access.  A trick that I learned many mobiles ago from Russell Beattie. 

Now Tommi reveals a trick to creating sub-folders on S60 FP1 devices.  According to Jouni, creating sub-folders is a new feature in FP2, but for the rest of us there is a solution. 

Using the instructions I created a Test sub-folder within my Applications folder.  Thanks to a post on the Nokia Support Discussions by mechanimal82, here are the steps:

Screenshot0006_2 1. Create a new folder and call it whatever you want your sub-folder to be.
2. Move this folder to be in position 1 (top left of the main menu)
3. Place an app in position 5 (the default position for when you open up the menu)
4. highlight the app in position 5 and then press options (so that you can see the option to "Move to folder" )
5. Now with the option menu open, press the power key and select "Offline". You'll notice that the menu is still open, and that the folder you created is highlighted in the top left of the screen.
6. Now select "Move to folder" and select which folder you want to contain your sub-folder.

For example you can now have folders within Media for Videos, Music etc and organise your apps much better!


[via:  Tommi's Application Blog, Nokia Support Discussions]


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Do you know what is with Russell lately?


Baby Girl

You must be reading my mind. The other I was trying to create a subfolder and finally gave up. Thanks!


Hey Darla, unrelated question to your post, well somewhat, what version of Sims 2 are you running on your phone? Im trying to download the game on EA and it wont let me until I specify the phone (n93 is not listed under US).



I haven't spoken to Russell in a long time :( I miss reading his blog. I'll try and send him an email and see what he's up too.


I purchased this version from http://www.gamemobile.co.uk/. I think they should have it there for the N93.


hmm really? i purchased it from them too but the download link doesnt work. only the review link is working. i'll give time over the weekend to fix it.

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