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February 25, 2007

All Nokia Built In IM Clients Should Be This Way

by Darla Mack

One of the reasons that I love the E62 is for its built in IM client.  While it doesn't utilize all 3 clients at the same time, it offers a much easy way to utilize a built in IM.  From my understanding, the E61 doesn't offer this.



I've browsed the discussions over at Howard Forums on getting server settings to work on most of the devices, and at one point it seemed that Yamigo provided the perfect solution.  But why can't these server settings be included in the Settings Wizard? 



Although I've never been able to completely login to Yahoo Messenger on the E62 (it's always stuck on Done) it is much easier to have the server settings already preinstalled instead of having to search for them.



Since the Windows Live Messenger app once again isn't working (didn't expect it to last too long since it wasn't for my region) I've been using the MSN Messenger client on the E62.  Yes there are several messaging options out there such as EQO, Fring, Agile, IM+ and others, it would be nice if there were a way to easily configure the preinstalled client.  That way, I'm sure we wouldn't have such issues as to which IM client to use.

2 years ago I thought and wrote that Yamigo was the solution.  I haven't tried it on any of the 3rd edition devices, and even when I did use it I had connection issues. 

This isn't a rant, per se, but just a plea to Nokia to please enhance the Mobile IM client.  I mean, what else is it there for?  Ya can't just have it there for us and we can't use it.  And if anyone knows the correct settings to get the IM client working, please feel free to share!! :)


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One of the reasons I bought the E62 (in addition to my ever growing stockpile of Eseries devices) was to get a good IM experience "built in" (as opposed to getting it through a third party developer such as IM+ or Agile)

The problem Nokia and other hardware manufacturer is facing is that IM is tightly controlled by a troika consisting of:

- the carrier
- the IM networks (YIM, AIM etc)
- the gateway server provider, which often also provides the client

The carrier shares data revenue with the IM networks, and naturally pays the gateway server company for their software.

Any handset company wanting to sell a product with IM must play according to the rules set by the carriers (strictly route IM through the gateways so that they can bill the end user and pass on some revenue to the IM network.

Mobile IM is a murky business....


The best IM client I've ever used was Agile Messenger on my N-Gage. It logged into up to four services at once (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and AOL I think it was), it used hardly any GPRS data, and on top of all that it was free.

I didn't get any bills except for the tiny amout of data usage that the Agile Messenger client used. It was great, I could leave it on all the time and it was actually far cheaper to use than text messages.

I assume carriers in the USA are a bit more restrictive about IM, and have some kind of barrier to stop people using it directly on their phone?


I like "fring" very much... it supports msn, skype, gtalk...
yahoo & aim aren't so popular here in Europe ...


Do the settings exist for MSN to be used on the E61? Most importantly for MSN settings, but what about GTalk settings??? I really would like to try the E61 IM Client.


Can i know the how 2 get the MSN Messenger client?

Jared Eldredge

unrelated question: packet data connection in these screenshots: the two arrows representing an active data connection in these screenshots (top left corner) show an extra 'tick' on the bottom arrow. i see this sometimes on my n95 and have no idea what it means. it is not documented in my owner's manual, nor have i been able to find any reference about it online.

the normal, almost ALWAYS used icon only has one 'tick' on the bottom arrow. what the heck is it??? anyone know? anyone else see it only sometimes?


can you please tell me how to set up IM on Nokia N95
I am mostly interested in using AOL instant messenger and maybe SKYPE or Google Talk.

Please instruct me.


Does yamigo still work?


@Terry: The second tick indicates an additional data connection open. Ex: App1 using a "Proxyless" connection while App2 is using "Media Net".


is it possible to download and update my n95 8gb firmware without using the pc suite i currently have v 15 and how and how do i get my server profile settings can anybody help me please

Hassan Kira

i used this program b 4 itis exlant, but i lost source


@ Hassan. Do a google seach for 'nokia updater' and it'll take you to a site where you can download an updater from Nokia. It works brilliantly for updating your software. PC suite is a pain. or just use this link http://europe.nokia.com/A4176109 Its a good way to find out what you current firmware version is and update. You can check your firmware by typing *#0000#

For the others, I'm currently using Nokia E61i and I've installed Nimbuzz. It connects with ease and its free. It supports, ICQ, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, Herves, AIM, etc... simultaneously. Data usage is minimal. File tranfers etc. I've tried some of the others Morange, Agile, Fring etc and none seem to compare to Nimbuzz (at this point in time). www.nimbuzz.com - Good luck.

In addition to that, please let me know if anyone figures out how to use the IM for other messenger services other than for those closed business server IM's (which is what the IM is for in the first place).

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