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January 16, 2007

Thumbs Up On The Threaded SMS Idea

by Darla Mack

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephan during CES and outside of his informative rantings he seems to be a really cool guy.

Txtman_smartphone_1_1 His recent post struck my attention this morning.  Its weird how much you don't realize that you need something until you actually see it in action.  I'm sure many members of the Hofo Nite Crew, which is a thumb bruised text messaging group on Upoc.  When you are part of a group like this or have a great messaging bundle that allows for unlimited sms (such as the grandfathered BuddyTime on T-Mobile USA) an app like this would be greatly appreciated.

Emily of Textually.org mentioned the applicaton TxtMan back in December which  is a threaded SMS program for Windows Mobile 5.0.  It would be nice to see something like this for S60 users and hopefully something like this is in the plans for development.


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I have been using a program that gives us threaded SMS on S60.

it's called coolSMSchat and it's by ehandysoft.com




Wow great find!! May I ask what device you are using this on? It looks like its only available for S60 1st and 2nd edition, but I've sent an email to the developer.

Thanks so much!


hey Darla,

yes, it is only S60 V1 & 2 right now, i'm running it on my hot rod, the 6630 ;) I have been chatting with the developer trying to help him promote this unknown application. He has assured me, this help will be the motivation he needs to finally get a version out for S60 3rd :)

Anders Borg

What about 'Jiminy! SMS' then? I know, I developed it, so it might not count, but anyway :).

It runs on most phones with Java and WMA 1.x (which should be most new phones overall).


tom gordon

I know it's not a downloadable application, but this is a feature I'm in the process of building into Pitch (the WAP-based mobile community I've been developing for the past few months). You will be able to see a threaded history of your entire conversation with someone, including the texts you sent in your browser (WAP or web) - although this is already in place in the person-to-person WAP chat service we've got running, as well as the group chat service. It's only the 'inbox'-style messages that are not threaded

Hussein Jodiyawalla

I've been a Treo user for ages (2x Treo 600, 1x Treo 650) and just moved to the Nokia E61. Without threaded text messaging it feels like I've gone back to the stoneage.

Its quite amazing how my new E61 has great design, WiFi, VoIP, rock solid Bluetooth, multitasking, OpenGL graphics etc etc but so so disappointing to not have Threaded SMS and such a basic poorly designed calendar, notes and todo applications.

I sound like I hate my new Nokia... really, I wanted a change from the Treo. I expected this Nokia to be better, but it is not. More advanced, yes! Better, no.


(btw, great blog!)

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