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January 23, 2007

The Weirdest Nokia Concept Phone I've Ever Seen

by Darla Mack


Ok this is just the craziest thing that I've ever seen.  Crazy, but cute... in a girlie sense!  The concept was designed by Jack Godfrey Wood, a student at St Martin’s College of Art and Design, on behalf of Nokia.


"The idea behind the “allmyfriends” bead bracelet design is that you create your own little personalised beads (in an “allmyfriends” booth) that you can hand out freely to all your friends. Once added to your bracelet you make a call by squeezing the relevant avatar-esque bead. When the call comes in, the bead on your bracelet will light up, and you can take the call using the accompanying ring, which includes a mic and also acts as a receiver, sending sounds up your cupped hand to your ear."

I could actually see myself with one of these!!!

[via: ShinyShiny, Dial-a-Phone]


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Great idea indeed. Those would be much more useful if it could communicate with your phone via Buletooth.



Yeah I think you are right. That way you won't have to appear that you are talking into your hand.... they should change the ring to earrings!

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