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January 24, 2007

The Nokia N99?

by Darla Mack


Sometimes I receive the coolest things in my email... besides all the garbage mail telling me how to increase my sex life.

This was submitted to me today.  Pretty cool looking, although not an official Nokia device... that I'm aware of.

9 way front joystick button, 16GB FLASH internal memory, up to 4GB mini SD slot, 16:9 3.2" wide screen, GPS, MP3, DIVX XVID MPEG AVI video reading, WLAN WIFI, qwerty pad, 8MP camera, 3CCD 720 pixel wide 30fps video capture, etc... The real mean machine!

Some of these creative minds should be working for Nokia... that Word Processor thing looks killer!!!!

Thanks Jef

NOTE:  Guys I AM aware that this device isn't real, so before you go bashing me in the comments, please read the post thoroughly!!


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Ricky Cadden

ummmm, ok, I think I just had a phone-gasm. Holy mother thats one sexy device.


Yikes, the word processor looks like MS Office 2003. shouldn't it be a http://www.maemo.org/ office suite since this should be an evolution from Nokia's tablet initiative?

j james

it looks a bit like the HTC devices.

there was a news story a while back saying that HTC weren't wed to windows mobile.. so maybe they'll make a series 60 device that looks similar to this.


@Ricky... lol phone-gasm!


I call BS. Not on Darla, just on the device.


Its obviously FAKE Darla, good PhotoShop work, nothing more than that !!



Obviously its fake,
Darla, you have an N9x look ate the 9 and compare the font
The font Nokia uses for the model name is Nokia Sans and its not the same


not happy. this is not upto the expectation. :(

Michael aka BB

99% i'd say it's photoshop work .. specs sounds too delicious lol


I know it isn't real!


Its just a fan's dream and quite an overreaching one at that. 9 way nav-pad is too much. Why not just use a touch-pad like the UMPCs or a trackball like the Blackberry Perl.

Obviously an unhappy marriage of a n N95 screen with a HTC keyboard.

Lets hope Nokia can do better. Tho i'd prefer to see an actual working realisation of the AEON.

Burak Bayburtlu

It's obviously fake and I can't believe it finds a place in websites run by a person who call herself "mobile diva". Shame on you Darla Mack, I'm too sorry to consider you as an "expert".

Anyway, how do I say that it's an obvious fake:
- It's missing the application and multimedia key (S60 requires these keys)
- It doesn't have any softkeys
- It has MS Word screenshot on the screen

As far as I see, driving traffic to your website is more important than turning into a tabloid. Gratz Darla! Keep up your "good" work.


Thanx Nokia ;)


Hey thats not really fair is it Darlas is not saying its true just that its a xool piece of machinery with whom i agree with :) i would love it too be true even though i believe it is not anyway dude if you wanna insult people do it to the fool who photoshopped these pics not the person who thinks to put it on their website, all shes trying to do is get some feedback on what people think not abuse from idiots like you orophin


Yes, its a fake - and its not made by Nokia but you can buy it!
I saw a N96i in Thailand, not made by Nokia - fake looks like N73, but people did use them.
Their latest fake-model is N99.


Yup, that photo was really fake...
The real N99 was colored black and was not a horizontal sliding type of phone. It was a touch screen alright, and had a stylus that acts also as its antennae cuz it can be used as a portable television. The screen is wider than N95 and larger at size... My friend bought it directly that's why i know what it looks like....


there is no way the phone could slide that far. that would be amazing though

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