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January 21, 2007

Software Searching

by Darla Mack

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon browsing some of Nokia's international sites.  As you know in the past I've usually come up with some pretty interesting software finds.

Nokia Hong Kong (which can be viewed in English) and Nokia China have some pretty cool apps available.  Now these apps might be provider and country specific, but lemme just give you an idea of whats going on in other parts of the world.

Hot Sites

Screenshot0029_1 HotSites for the Nokia N73 adds an Internet folder to the desktop which includes shortcuts to the listed sites.  Clicking on these shortcuts opens up the Web browser to the URL of these sites. 

Not a bad concept.  Doesn't seem to hard to implement for other regions, but then again if we already know the URL we can just go there ourselves.

What I noticed though it that Windows Live is supported more in the Asian market then other places, (at least non that I know of) and we've seen that with the offering of the Windows Live Messenger Application, which is also available as a standard download on both Nokia Hong Kong and Nokia China.

Still would be nice to see more of this offered elsewhere, especially in the States where we hardly get anything.

Email Sites

Screenshot0028 Email Sites for the Nokia N73 basically does the same as Hot Sites.  Just adds shortcusts to the desktop making it easy to just access the application via the Web Browser. 

Of course we have more updated ways to access this being that we now have Gmail and Y!Mail as separate applications.  Not sure if there is anything out yet for Hotmail other than accessing it via the Web browser though.

I tried accessing Hotmail but received an error message stating that javascript is required to login.

For more apps and info please read on...

Under software available for the N73 on Nokia Hong Kong's site certain apps like Windows Live Messenger are available.  Even though the images appear with Chinese language they are available for use.

Icon_msn_messengerMSN Messenger

Why this application or option isn't available everywhere I have no clue.  Guess we just have to send requests to Windows Live to have them get the ball rolling for other locations. 

"Meet your friends online wherever you are, whenever you want. Enjoy lively communication with adorable emotion icons specially designed for MSN Messenger."

Note: GPRS data service requires network support. Please contact your network operator for further details. Network charges incurred will be at user’s expense.

Download >>

Icon_clock_scrnClock Screensaver

This is pretty cool for those that want to get rid of that standard Date & Time and Text options.  To use, just go to your selected Theme and select edit and then Power saver.  From there you can select the Clock Screensaver and open the app to change the settings.  Unfortunately, it doesn't show in full screen.

"Choices of different clock skins and wallpapers to display local and international times. You can even use it as a practical screen saver!"

Download (Chinese version) >>


This is for the golf lovers out there.  Pretty cool app, thought I don't think that it can be compared to the golf application for the N93 (which hasn't yet been made available that I know of).

"Mobi-Caddie allows you to calculate your golf scores with a range of scoring systems! Golfers can receive synchronize display of scores and updates, freeing you to focus on the game with best performance. The game also features the GPS system for easy estimation of the hitting distance to boost an excellent result. The pre-installed popular websites, the Golf007, provides you with details of over 35 famous golf courses located in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong, keeping you informed with the latest news of this exciting sports."

Download (Trial Version in Chinese) >>

There are several other apps and games there such as NameCard Generator and Bluetooth Racing, but I didn't give those a try.



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You are a genious. Thanks very much for posting the links above. I surfed over to the E61 apps and downloaded the MSN Live Messenger for it. it wouldn't work for me in the past after my 90 day trial ran out. I don't know if this is just another trial but it works so thanks very much.
Love the blog and thanks again,


Nice! I had the expiring version of MSN, now this one is perfect, thanks a for the find!

I just found something now myself, I don't know if it's new, but as far as I was concerned the "Phone software update" was the last menu item in this page 'http://europe.nokia.com/A4144902', but now there is a new one leading to "Text-to-speech" (http://europe.nokia.com/A4286225)



Thanks so much. Don't worry... I'll keep posting the things that I find!!


Wow cool!!! Have you tried it yet? I know this option is available on the Eseries and newer Nseries such as the N75, but I don't think it will work without the Message Reader application.


Hey Darla, no, I didn't test it as messaging is something I don't do all the time, and even then I wouldn't want this TTS feature in it.

I just thought I'd let you know because you are posting these posts about new discoveries of hidden apps in Nokia site, and then I found that.


Where do you put the msn messenger file after you have downloaded it? please help me.....

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