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January 03, 2007

Shortcut to Selecting Multiple Items In A List

by Darla Mack

Screenshot0013 Antony Pranata and his S60tips are the first place to look when you have concerns about how-to's.  I actually came across this tip while reading his post on Creating Muvee's on Nokia Nseries and found it quite handy.

If you happen to have alot of messages, images, notes or such that you would like to just mass delete, this tip will come in handy.  This tip is a shortcut to replace having to go into options and scrolling down to Mark/Unmark all.  I love shortcuts!

  • Firstly, highlight the first item you want to select.
  • Press Edit key (Edit key) on your phone. While still pressing Edit key, press Down key to select the next item. Now you have two items selected. If you press Down key again (while still pressing Edit key), the next item will be selected. It is faster than selecting Options menu, isn’t it?
  • You can also press Up key to select one or more previous items.

Simplicity at its best!  Thanks Antony for the tip!!

Be sure to check Antony's S60Tips site for more tips that you may find useful.


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Steve Litchfield

Pah 8-)

Really advanced users select multiple items that AREN'T contiguous (i.e. next to each other). Edit and enter, release edit, move selection and then press edit and press enter again. Rinse and repeat!

I'm sure we've covered all this before on AllAboutSymbian by the way. Several times 8-)

Antony Pranata

Yep... only advanced users will use this tip to select non-contiguous items.
Anyway, thanks Darla for featuring my "old" tip here.

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