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January 03, 2007

ROK TV Now Compatible With S60 3rd Edition

by Darla Mack

London; 3rd January ’07.  ROK, the UK-based mobile communications and entertainment specialist, is delighted to announce that ROK TV is now compatible with 3rd Edition, including the Nokia N71, N73, N80 and N93.


ROK TV’s patent-pending technology delivers video streaming to mobile phones over mass-market 2.5G GPRS at a faster frame rate than any existing 3G TV service.

Currently, of the world’s 2.5 billions handsets, only 5% have any form of 3G capabilities and fewer still have adopted 3G applications such as mobile TV.  In deploying over the ROK network, content owners have the opportunity to reach the full international mobile community, not just geographically and socio-economic confined niches. This means that the ROK service not only competes very favourably with all other current international services, but it offers such a service to a mass-market.

"To be able to add these new high-end handsets to our compatibility list is a major development in the deployment of mobile TV services worldwide," said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK.

ROK TV currently offers 21 channels and is available in the UK, China and the USA. In the UK channels can be viewed individually for 99p per month or all channels for £9.99 plus network data charges.

2007 will see ROK take further strides in the mobile TV space, including plans to build and operate 30 white-label mobile TV services over both 2.5G and 3G for selected mobile networks globally.


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