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January 11, 2007

Nokia N93i Preview - i = Improved

by Darla Mack

We've been hearing bits and pieces of the N93i for quite some time now, and although the specs and images have been leaked prior to this, it still remains true.  Internally the N93i is the same as the N93, with maybe a few minor changes such as the updated themes, WLAN wizard presence on the stand-by screen, the addition of the Internet Folder on the main menu containing the Download! application.

The external changes are more noticeable.  Attached pop-port cover (for those who have already lost theirs from the N93), improved joystick, and the mirrored led panel screen.

Screenshot0001_2 Screenshot0002_2


As you can see, the new addition of pre-installed themes resemble those of the N95.  They are now titled "Nseries Themes".  Since the N93i is S60 3rd edition, Nokia should make these themes readily available for download for users of other compatible devices... but thats just my opinion. :)

01092007234 Another improvement is the keypad.  Although the idea here was to make a more slimmer keypad I personally prefer the ease of the N93's somewhat padded keypad. 

The layout has been changed slightly when it comes 4 key line up below the nav key but with all Nokia's its easy to find your way around even if this is your first device.

Most of the N93i enthusiasts actually liked the idea of the slimmer keypad over that of the N93, but I think that this is a matter of personal choice.

Like other Nseries devices the N93i comes preinstalled with Flickr and has extended its photo sharing to include Vox which is a blogging service provided by Six Apart.  For other Nseries users you can configure your devices to upload to Vox here.



The N93i design to me is an improvement as well.  I think when it comes to these type of things personal preference plays the most important factor.  How you handle your device and how comfortable it feels while in use.

01092007225 My personal opinion  of the N93i is that it can also be used as a femme fetalle multimedia fashion accessory.  Allow me to explain...

Something that I found fascinating was when it came to taking pictures was the fact that while aiming at your subject they can see themselves in the mirrored cover.  We've all had those times when someone has aimed either a camera or cameraphone in our faces, snapped a shot, and we wondered what the heck we looked like at that time.  Now the mirrored panel has given a bit of vanity addition to the term "point and click". 

I also got a kick out of using the cover as a mirror when it came to applying lipstick... but thats a girly thing that I'm sure you aren't interested in.

While the internal memory hasn't changed (up to 50mb internal, same as the N93) the N93i will be bundled with a 1gb miniSD card.

Something that most of the people got a kick out of when they asked me what my thoughts on the N93i was was watching me apply my lipstick utilizing the mirrored cover.

Overall, the N93i does offer some improvements.  If this is a first for you then I would take the N93i over the N93.  I heard it mentioned that the N93i is what the N93 should have been.  What are your thoughts?


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Jay Jones

Darla, great article! I can not wait to get my hands on that phone. Have you heard any specifics on the release date? Also, I didn't read too much about the N95 this past week at CES. Did you hear anything more on the n95?

Jay Jones

Darla, great article! I can't wait to get my hands on one! Did you here any specifics on a release date? Also, I didn't really hear too much on the N95 this past week. Did you hear anything on the N95?


Wont this pop port door bereak, while phone is in your pocket with music headset attached? This door will be stupidly open every time one using the headset for voice calls or to listen to music :(
Dont like this idea...
I think I like N93 moore :)


from the photos, the N93i looks a bit wider than the N93...is there any truth to that?


Darla, I have the N93 and the last software version have the WLAN status on the standby screen
V 20.0.058
To me, I see no reason to release the N93i, specially that the device is only few months old, and it is considered the top of the line product, so you can't expect people who paid lots of money for it, to find an "improved" version of it, when they just got one.
I would understand if the changes were major, but few themes and a slimmer formfactor, and lose of weight, is not really enough for the change.
There's one more change you didn't mention the upgrade of the color depth of the screen from 256k colors to 16 million.
it would've been different if they added a mini USB support instead of the bulky pop-port, or maybe applied the 5.0 camera module from the N95 on it, but that's a different story.


i love the new design on the n93i.

too bad my heart is already with the n95 ehhe

Michael aka BeerBong

Very nice article darla!
i thought you will mention that "girlie thing" too hehe ..

very well done! thumbs up!


I am gonna agree with ROBERTH on that subject. I think it's very unfair of Nokia to release this so soon. They should fix the firmware of the N93 first and getting out there for us who are having very annoying problems.Very disappointed in Nokia they sold me a device that was everything but perfect out of the box.....

But I still love it though and don't see a good enough reason to change either.


I don't think this is supposed to appeal to current N93 users. It's a redesign to make the N93 more appealing to all the people who HAVEN'T already bought one.

That doesn't mean that Nokia shouldn't fix your firmware though...

Eldar Murtazin

Some negative points...

No stereo record in video mode, only one microphone

In real life it the same bulk style
Mirror is not so good in everyday life :(

I like external screen and connectors in this version and internal screen is much better

Due to launch the same model in summer but in candy bar style and smaller size do not see any reason to buy N93i


Is the mirror going to trouble outside, in sunlight?
And won't you be that guy who plays with a mirror in the street, thus getting your phone smashed ;-)

killa n

hey i just got my n95
my old gsm's are the 93i and the n76
i really like the n93i but
it was really big sometimes it did'nt fit in my pants
and the n76 was really practical but it simply broke in half so
i hope i got better luck with my n95
i hope i never meet u I'm a lawyer so cheers

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