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January 12, 2007

Nokia E62 Pink & Blue Spotted at CES

by Darla Mack


Nokia had on display these 2 new editions to the E62.  What looks like a light pink metallic pink and metallic baby blue will soon be the available color choices for E62 users. 

Release date wasn't mentioned, but looks like it could be a Spring thing!


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Hi Darla,

Yes, I wonder why Nokia couldn´t wait a half a year to release a "maxed-out" version in the first place? It reminds me of when I bought N-gage and then QD came out.

Maybe Nokia has money to burn, but it looks like I´m stuck with the black brick until next summer. Then I´ll finally get N95. Or will it be N95i by then?

Btw, your reviews are good and fair. Keep up the good work!

All The Best,


i dont care weather the have the pink, blue orange , grey or black my point is i wont b getting it. this phone give s me to much problem, i wish i could trade it for another one right now.

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