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January 26, 2007

Nokia 95 - In Transit

by Darla Mack

Well it seems I'm the last of the group to receive their N95's for demoing. (curse DHL!!!) 

Here are a few of the unveiling's and first looks so far from the rest of the team that have received theirs.

Steve Garfield

At least I know I will have a busy weekend playing around!!  Now, back to the waiting game.


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Baby Girl

I am so jealous of all of you. I'll just go kick rocks with my N73. As soon as you get it you must post a full review with lots of pictures.

But off topic, did you notice winksite is down?


Being last means being able to fill in what others have missed ;)
Thanks for the other links, Steve's video of the unboxing was great, looking forward to your views on the 6680...err i meant the N95 :D


Same here Darla :(

I’m still waiting for my N95 just like you, even worse, I have to wait till the Monday, shipment of my phone is delayed because of the some bad weather in Italy and as the Croatian DHL doesn’t work by the weekends I have to wait till he Monda, 2 more days, two long and boring days, OMG, I just can’t find right words to tell you how sad I am :(

Have a nice and long weekend by the way,


Alexandre Silva

imagine us Teo, that still have to wait for March just to see it, imagine playing with one ;)

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