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January 27, 2007

Nokia N95 Finally In Da House!!

by Darla Mack

I mean that title literally! 

I finally received my N95 yesterday.  Unfortunately, it caught me at a time where I have the flu, but it did add excitement to my somewhat gloomy day.

After my initial unvieling which included of course tearing open the package and CAREFULLY (meaning no children around) opening the box, it revealed those lovely words I've been longing to hear... or in this case, see.

Here's Your Nokia N95!


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I've taken out all of the contents with the exception of the User Manual and the CD as shown. (click for larger image)

Contents include:

  • Nokia Headset HS-45
  • Audio Adapter AD-43
  • 1GB Micro SD with Adapter
  • Nokia Battery BL-5F
  • Nokia Charger AC-5E
  • Nokia Connectivy Cable DKE-2
  • Nokia Video Connectivity Cable CA-75U

  ...and of course the N95!!

Although most of my Nseries devices have Pop-Port, I'm glad to see that it is omitted on the N95.  I personally prefer the USB port instead.


Of course the first thing that you do when receiving a new device (after the oooing and awwwing bit) is to charge it.  The battery indicator was on 2 bars so charging was a must in this case.  It took about 15-20 minutes to fully charge the battery, which is pretty fast to me. 

Since today is Saturday I plan on playing around, take some pics and videos, but in the meantime I've taken some comparision shots of the N95 and N80ie since they are both sliders.



I will try and get to that long list of questions in my previous post so stay tuned for more!


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I know your're glad you finally got it. Now you no longer have to pace the floor or wonder if it's lost in the mail! Enjoy.


I so want that phone, roll on March.....


Gets to writing a review! Test video playback performance. General navigation speed. GPS use. Speaker volume. Post a video recorded from it. Hurry!!!


When the GPS is on, and you take a picture, does the GPS coordinates get stored in the metadata at all? Or is there any function to do this?

What do you think of the resolution of the N80 vs N95 (the screen that is).

I Love my N80 screen res since its so nice and crisp, the N95 has a larger screen, but lower res...

And finally, real battery time. I have UMTS off and I can get a couple days without recharging...


15-20 minutes to full charged the battery ? Isn't a error ?



waiting for your updated review....desperately


What network are you operating on? I'm hoping to purchase an unlocked N95 online next week- I've never purchased an unlocked phone from another country before, so I'm concerned if I will be able to use all functions of this phone, such as GPS and mapping software, Cingular's EDGE network (or is there support for other data on Cingular network?)... Very excited to get my hands on one of these- and I hear stock should arrive at the end of next week. Just want to know if I will regret the fact that I can't use some function of this phone because I got it from another country.


where did you order your phone from and how much?


where did u get it from????


hai, does n95 have a touch screen


you forgot to let us know where did you order from.


No touch screen on the N95. It has not been released yet (except for Iran I think for some odd reason) I believe she was given a prototype, or a prerelease model of some sort, as several other very fortunate souls have. The N95 should be available by the 20th of March, hopefully sooner- but at a heafty tag of somewhere between 800 and 1200 USD. Big, and very high range- given Nokia has set a pricing guideline of 550 euros, or around 725 US dollars.

mohamed hassan

I want to buy this phone so how can i buy it , i dont have this phone in my country please help me


hi! were did you get it?? and how much did you pay? please, respond! i want so much that phone. waiting your answer :-)


Hey every1, hope its gonna come out very soon, as i cant wait 2 hav it in my hands, ive been waiting since a long time & the N95 rocks!! :)


The theme used is pathetic..but it still shows me that no matter how ugly the theme is the phone will still look sexy as hell.


Let us know how much and from where we can buy it online. Thanx

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