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January 03, 2007

Have We Forsaken the N93?

by Darla Mack

During the Holidays I browsed around Flickr some to see how people were getting ready for Christmas and New Year's.  I was surprised to see that the N93 wasn't on the list of "Popular Cameraphones". 


I'm not surprised seeing the N73 on there because in my opinion, it does take better pics.  But to not see the N93 on there at all was shocking.  Maybe had the list been longer it would have had a slot.

Also checking out Widsets during the holiday, the N93 was known to be missing from the list of "Most Popular Devices Running Widsets". 


I use both the N73 and N93 everyday for several different reasons.  As I mentioned, the N73 to me is better at capturing videos, but my N93 has turned into my video device.  Also, until the rumored N73 Internet Edition shows up I use the N93 for WLAN. 

Have we forsaken the N93?  Has it already lost its popularity? 


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Antony Pranata

Good catch.
Personally, I don't use N93 because:

- The price is a little bit too expensive for a phone. I agree this device is more than a phone.

- The phone is too bulky to put inside my pocket.

- It is a flip-phone. Yes, unlike most Americans, I like candy-bar and slider phone more than flip-phone.

That's why until now, I am still using N73.


You are incorrect.

N73 Internet edition is out in asia already. There is no WIFI on it.

I must say, I am disappointed in your information. Also Howard Chui's video is NOT NEW, it has been out for months. I dont know who copied who, but whoever brought that video as new is wrong.


it never was popular.


I think the N93 is too much of a niche phone to be considered in that list. It's just too expensive and large to be in the mainstream, like the n90 was before it.



I am aware that it is out in Asia, but I meant rumored to appear in Europe or the US. I wasn't aware that it didn't have WLAN. My assumption was that since it was named as an "internet edition" it featured WIFI as the N80IE.

Also, I never said that Howard's video was new. At least its not new to me because Howard and I attended the same event, but I can guarantee that it was probably new to someone. I was referring to the irony of "out with the old, in with the new".


Darla the earlier poster is correct. The n73ie does not hav wifi. The ie meanin internet addition just means it comes pre-install with internet apps such as on my n80 converted to n80ie web, internet tel for voip and downloads. Web is just the app which has now moved to this folder and downloads is jus an updated version of nokia's app Catalog. Looks like yr next phone will be n95 like the rest of us.


Too me the N93 is still the Media Phone of the year 2007. Even with the bugs(firmware 10.0.025). Here in Holland the first reaction I get from people is; "It's so big" all I can do at that moment is smile, take a deep breath, and then start showing them what this beast can really do. And every aspect of it is just phenomenal (for a phone/M.M.C.)I think it can still become popular now with the N93i looking a little more stylish who knows. But here in Holland I only get positive reactions from people that I have shown it too. Darla keep up the good work.

Greetz to everyone from Holland

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