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January 29, 2007

Nokia N95 Video - Driving to McDonalds

by Darla Mack

Ok, I know this isn't the greatest topic for a video, but I just wanted to show the feel of a video taken with the N95.


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wow that video looked good...even for a .flv!


i cant beleive u drove AND shot the video at the same time...safety first...the phone's safety i mean :)

steve garfield

Yay video!

Stefan Constantinescu

holy freaking rural batman!


Looks good Darla -- although I'm now sick to my stomach from the shaking (kind of a Blair Witch Project type of thing lol). :)



Lol, well since I was in the car alone I had no choice but to rest the N95 on the steering wheel... hence the shaking Olly.

Mark Guim

Hey darla, you should post up the link for the original video so that people can really see the amazing video quality of the N95. The flash movie is good but not great compared to the original. Congrats on the new toy!


Thanks for the link Mark.Pretty good for the "auto" setting?

1. Darla speeds
2. Darla must remind herself aloud when approaching stop signs.
3. Darla needs to catch the cow in the neighbouring field vs driving way the hell to MacDonalds :D


Hi Just wondering why the N95 is not listed on the Nokia USA website as even under expected soon?


@Mark... thanks for posting the link for me.

@Rip... Darla does not speed!!! Lol

@Jay... unfortunately, the N95 is not listed on Nokia USA because it is not coming to the United States. This was made known back at Open Studio in September. I don't know if a future US variant will be in the works.

Alexandre Silva

i thought N95 would be available in the US but only in the 2nd quarter...


My first thought was you had kids in the car when I heard you scream "STOP SIGN!"



No one brought it up, so I am not sure if I should either, but you do know what they make McFlurries out of?

BTW: nice shooting with the N95.




i was wondering;

you have the prototype of the n95 right?
so does that mean that if it crashes and firmwares problems etc, you cannot, cannnot update them with the firmware update (whenever it comes out like the ones on nokia.com to update n72, n73, etc).?

even if it isnt the retail n95, can u still update and fix bugs?

thanks so much


thanks for makeing this video because it's only one i found for n95, i guess it's 640x480, right?

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