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January 23, 2007

Cingular Users Not In Coverage Area Are Out Of Luck On The iPhone, Apple Says

by Darla Mack

Iphone I think this might be my first post regarding the iPhone.  (That is the most positive statement that I can make).

Recently, I've been reading different stories regarding this device.  Apple's lawyers pulling sites down because now they are all of a sudden concerned about copyright infringement on themes... when developers have been making themes using Apple's icons for years!  Lol, I even remember that Nokia fluke on one of the sites where they replicated the iTunes icon.  But hey... we don't have to be pushy with "Big Business" here.

My recent finding is just too much for me, or any Cingular customer to bare.  Apple now states "No Cingular Service, No iPhone"... excuse me but WHAT??

"Apple signed an exclusive, multiyear deal with AT&T's Cingular Wireless to distribute the handset, and the bottom line is this: No Cingular service in your area, no iPhone."

How fair is that?  And what right do they have to even make a statement to that affect?  IF I were interested in the iPhone, I couldn't walk into a store and purchase it with service because I'm not in the coverage are?  If AT&T/Cingular is behind this... then consumers shouldn't be able to purchase ANY phone if they aren't in the coverage area... right?

"Cell phone users in more than a dozen other states, mostly in rural locations, face the same predicament. Cingular, like most other wireless service providers, allows users to "roam" on other carriers' networks but requires new customers to live in communities the company serves directly.

That means the iPhone will be unavailable in, among other locations, all or large portions of Alaska, Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, upstate New York, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming."

So, um, does this mean that the iPhone is incapible of roaming?

An Apple spokesman, Tom Neumayr, said the company would have no comment on the lack of availability of the iPhone in communities where Cingular offers no service.


...and in the words of Forrest Gump... "Thats all I have to say about that".

[via:  ClarionLedger, E-Series.org]


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i agree...iam a cingular user and dont really care bout the iphone much, but i think they are gonna kill the iphone b4 it even comes out! watch next thing you know they take off the wifi (^_^) now that would be funny.

btw i was on howardforums awhile ago and angel_wing0 said "btw me and darla just got good news " in the n95 is launched...thread!! care to share your info?!


Ehrm... I don't want to burst your bubble but that's the way it is in the US. I moved last year from Europe to the US and was used to buying phones whichever striked me fancy and than got a service to go with it.
Not so in the US of A. Here you buy a phone with the service included. Want that cute chocolate LG and it's only available at Verizon? Sorry you will have to move over to Verizon. Nothing special about Cingular only offering the iPhone, it has been like that forever.



There is actualy a bit more leniancy with GSM providers here in the US though. For example, you can use any GSM phone that you like on T-Mobile and Cingular, but they just won't offer support for it. It's not the same with CDMA carriers though.

People buy locked phones and have them unlocked to use with whichever GSM carrier they chose... whether they are in the coverage area or not. I think that is the biggest gripe about this, is the fact that in order to even BUY the phone with service you MUST be in the coverage area. I've seen people walk into Cingular stores and sign up for service and just tell the rep that they will use the phone more at their place of business and bingo, walk out with a contract and a new phone.



I have no clue what you are talking about.

Dave Zatz

From some of what I've read, it appears Apple had Cingular re-engineer some of their technology (like Voicemail) which may be why they would prohibit roaming. Perhaps they figure if you can't use all the features, they'll shut you down entirely to ensure that Apple experience? Until I get some time with that soft keyboard, I'm not sold.


Yep thats right it seems Cingular had to re-wire their systems to match Apples so-called innovative interface. But I heard it was for the way email is accessed...anyway it does not matter to me. I hate touch screen on phones (face oil) and my Nokia E61 is perfect for all my needs!



CNET today has an article how US providers have the cellphone market in a hold.
Want that cute pink phone? Or that yummy choco LG, forget it. They decide what you can buy.

Will 'unlocked' cell phones free consumers?

Rod McLaren

Hi there Darla, you're on this week's carnival of the mobilists.


Darla, this is in a similar vein to what I was talking about with this post:


I feel like things are slowly getting WORSE, whereas even a year ago I might have felt more optimistic. Carrier's have entirely too much of a hold on what equipment we use... instead of offering features that are agnostic to the phone being used, they specialize to the point of insanity -- where we must use their handsets or else... you see this with 3G, you see this with things like being required to use a T-Mo branded phone for the 'My Faves' service (which is entirely unnecessary).

How much would we love it if Comcast Cable required that you only use Hitatchi TV's?

Good post! :)


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