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January 17, 2007

10 Ways The Nokia N800 Is Better Than The Apple iPhone

by Darla Mack

I didn't blog anything about the announcement of Apple's iPhone.  Maybe I shouldn't be so objective, but frankly it isn't something that would interest me.  Not so much because it isn't a Nokia, but because Cingular will be the provider for this device and we all know Cingular's reputation for destroying features on some devices.  Maybe I shouldn't be so critical.

My buddy Chris over at EQO pointed me to this blog post by Jim Mendenhall of Starry Hope.  I have to agree with his list of 10 things.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see that it is finally out and we no longer have to hear about the rumors, but now that all the buzz is over it seems like its already a passing fad.

"All the buzz these days is about the Apple iPhone (not to be confused with the Linksys iPhone). I have to admit, the iPhone is pretty cool, and I was really excited about it for a few hours. Then, reality started to sink in and I realized that the iPhone is probably not something for me. Here are 10 reasons why I’d like to buy a Nokia N800 instead of an Apple iPhone. I realize that there are areas where the iPhone will be better than the N800, I just don’t think it’s worth the extra cost and lack of freedom that comes along with having an iPhone."

[via: StarryHope]


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Jim makes several good points. Another problem with it is lack of 3G or HSDPA which will hamper it's internet abilities. I don't think the iPhone is going to be a runaway success that some people assume it will be, but that doesn't mean that with version 2 or 3 the iPhone won't evolve into something with widespread appeal. It took several years (and window's compatibility) for the iPod to really take off. The iPhone has its negatives, but what they have done right is the interface. It looks like no other phone interface and has that elegant simplicity that Apple is known for. Exepct other mobile mfr's to examing this device and the public's reaction to it very closely.

That said, I'm stilly buying an N95 instead. BTW, is Cingular all that bad? I migrated over from verizon because they crippled phones and locked up features behind paywalls. No problems like that with my Cingular-branded 6682.


I garnered the post I shared with the one and only Mobile Diva from the esteemed Mr. Phoneboy and feel I must give credit where credit is due:


Also, let it be known that I think both the N800 and iPhone are/will be awesome:)


EQO Customer Evangelist


BTW, Darla have you seen the Prada touchscreen phone? Its the ying to the iPhone's yang.

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