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December 22, 2006

2D Barcode Reader Now Available

by Darla Mack

Screenshot0014 Right on the heels of Tommi's announcement, the 2D Barcode reader is now available for the N73 and N80.  I located the Barcode Reader app in the Download! folder on both the N73 and N80IE.  If it doesn't appear at first, go to options and refresh the list.  For the N80 standard you might have to update the Catalogs folder.

Jukka and Ricky have both made posts and created their own barcodes containing a message for all.  Or you can just test out the QR Code that I have here on my right sidebar.

Firefox users that are interested in creating barcodes directly from webpages will be interested to know that there is a plugin available created by Duncin Sample.

"If you have a new mobile phone supporting barcodes in this format, then you can use this extension rather than typing long URLs into your mobile's browser. Now you have more time to spend actually reading the content!"


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Thanks for the mention, Darla.

That FireFox plugin is freakin sweet!! It's better than the Google Send To Phone plugin cause it doesn't use SMS. Good find!!


I use that Google Send To Phone plugin also. It's pretty good if you have an unlimited messaging bundle like T-Mobile's buddytime.



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