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November 02, 2006

Some Things I Miss About S60 2nd Edition

by Darla Mack

After recently sending Charlie (6630) to a good home I started thinking about some of the things that kept me holding onto it for so long.  Although we have advanced to the next level of S60 there are some things that I miss that other people might find very simple or silly.

With 2nd edition devices you were able to change the themes icons to default right from the phone.  There are some amazing themes for 2nd edition and more popping up for 3rd edition but some of them have icon packs already created with the theme.  With 2nd edition you simply highlight the theme, go to options and edit and there was an option there to edit the icons.  Unfortunately this  option tisn't available for 3rd edition.  I do love wild and crazy themes sometimes but I still prefer the simple default icons. 

There was also the option to delete the theme from the theme folder itself instead of now having to delete it from the applications folder.  Simple, but I miss it.

One of the first things that I used to do was change the fonts on my phone as well as the oplogo.  There are methods out there for 3rd edition font changing but none as stable for me as the old method.  A few weeks ago I did read somewhere that this was possible to change/remove the op logo on 3rd edition via OTA (over the air) but I can't remember where I read it.  :(

Another thing I greatly miss, and I'm sure I'm not the only person that this applies to.  Having an N-Gage, 6630, 6600 and 6682 all at one time was great on battery life.  Why?  Because they all used the same battery!!  It was very easy to travel and have a few spare batteries fully charged. 

I guess I mostly miss the option of customizing and modding.  Don't get me wrong, I gladly take the 3rd edition features over 2nd edition, but its just some of the simple things that I miss.


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I agree with you, Darla. While I actually wasn't aware of the icon selection feature, I do miss the ease of deleting themes. What's weird is that in v2, apps HAVE to be deleted in the App Manager, while themes couldn't be. In v3, themes HAVE to be deleted in the App Manager, while apps can be deleted straight from the main menu.

The battery thing I miss also, as I used an Ngage QD as a backup for quite a while.

I'm still waiting, also, for them to have an option to make ALL calendar entries on the phone default to public instead of private.

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