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November 22, 2006

Makayama Releases Media Studio for Nokia 3.5

by Darla Mack

Nokia35I've loved this application ever since I first used it several years ago.  It used to be called DVD to Nokia and even though I also used Smart Movie I felt that this one has the easiest conversion method. 

Well the name has changed but the app has done nothing more except improve with every update. 

Yesterday, Makayama released its newest version 3.5 which supports new video formats such as YouTube and Windows Media Video.  New phones are also supported such as the N73 and N93 among others. 

Press Release


When it was introduced two years ago, Media Studio for Nokia was the first integrated solution that allowed Nokia users to watch DVDs. It made this software a bestseller in major online retail stores such as Handango and Nokia Software Market. Many new features were added over the past two years. It received a 300% speed boost and support for conversion of home movies, downloaded films and TV-series

Now even more video formats are added. The software can take Windows Media files (wmv) and also Flash-video, such as Youtube content, may now be converted. The software has a menu shortcut to websites that allow downloading of Youtube content.

Another new features is a playlist window that allows full control over content being transferred to the phone and back. Users can hook-up their phone via USB or insert a memorycard in a reader and move video to the phone, take recorded camera clips off, or delete material after it has been watched. Finally the DVD engine has again been improved. Subtitles DVDs can now be converted at three times the speed of the previous version.

The free tryout version allows users to convert 3 minutes of all content. The software runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista.

A free demo version is available. Users of version 3.0 may upgrade for free, older version users receive a 50% discount.


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I've loved this application ever since I first used it several years ago. It used to be called DVD to Nokia and even though I also used Smart Movie I felt that this one has the easiest conversion method. Well [Read More]


Stefan Constantinescu

Can you post a review of this app sometime? I would love to see screenshots and how fast it actually is.


Hey Stefan,

I am actually in the process of testing out the new features so I will probably have something available this weekend... I hope! :)


I'm lined up here to be a "Makayama MS 3.5 for Nokia" Convert - and totally stalled. The three DVDs I'm tried to convert all resulted in the same crash of the software and the error message: "Nokia® Media Studio has encountered an error and has to shut down' error." That's a cut/paste, by the way, from Makayama's own Help/Support FAQs. So it's a known issue. As specified, I contacted [email protected] almost a week ago. No response. Then, Handango stepped in said they had contacted [email protected] as well. Again, no response. So if it's a known issue - does anyone have an answer that Makayama itself (disappointingly) can't seem to provide me? Many thanks. Love the site, love my e61 here in the U.S. Just wish I could carry some ripped video content with me on a long flight to Vancouver in a couple of days ... are you stirring from that slumber, Makayama?


I'd like to use this software and downloaded the 4.0.2 version for my N95 but I have to say it is useless.

I keep getting this pop-up: Nokia (or memory card) not found on drive F

every time I click Action

the memorycard is nokia formatted and is in drive F (card reader slot) on my laptop. Also data transfer is selected in the N95 USB mode

I've ticked all the boxes, but this software doesn't tick them back

I've been trying to sort it out for hours now - and all I can say is I'm glad I used the trial version before giving 30 bucks to these people

my advice would be not to bother with it


it gets even better

I tried this heap of kak on my XP machine away from the vista laptop (where windows finds a problem with it every time I try to load it) and it still keeps insisting on having Drive F for the phone. Why on earth can't you just assign a drive letter to it? My Drive F is my partition and I'm not going to reassign it - especially seeing as how it mde no difference whatosever on vista (it's so rubbish it couldn't find the formatted Nokia card on drive F cardreader).

what a load!

I've plumped for Smartmovie which has a much more complex interface, but is half the price and ACTUALLY WORKS with my N95

PS: The support is a pitiful as the software

a real shame

Tom Affholter

I purchased an iPhone two months ago - my first Apple product. Realizing that the camera was lacking features, I found Makayama.com sold a product for the phone to add features such as zoom. Ignorant, I went to the site and ordered the product only to find I needed a hack to install it on my phone. I did not read the bottom of the website that indicated a hack was needed and I had no idea what a hack was at the time. I returned to the site and asked for a refund. To make a long story short including several emails, I was basically told that since I was a fool to purchase the product that would not install on an iPhone G I would not receive a refund. They offered my an alternate product off their site which also requires a "broken phone" or I could wait and if Apple approved their product on iTunes then they would refund my money. A month later Apple had not authorized their product nor would they consider a refund.

Their customer service sucks. I will not buy any of their products because the same people I have dealt with will be supporting the software. I am very happy to see that better and less costly products have been released from several other vendors in the meantime.

Tom A.

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