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November 05, 2006

Brand Loyalty

by Darla

People often joke with me about my choice in brands.  I learned at a very early age that "if it works for you then stick with it".  I think that I've applied that relevance in a lot of things in my life.  When I was a little girl my parents had 2 Caddy's aka Cadillacs.  Every new car purchased through the years came from the same dealership and was always a Cadillac.  I honestly don't think my other owned anything else. 

My first mobile phone was a Siemens S12 from Omnipoint.  Since I didn't know much about phones back then I just used what came free.  I believe Omnipoint was the first prepaid service provider here in the States (don't quote me on that).  It was just what I was looking for.  After awhile and learning more through Howard Forums, I found that many people favored Nokia.  So my very first Nokia was the 5190.  I immediately learned about the phone and of course explored the ability to customize it.  Yes I'll admit that was my initial addiction, other than the fact that the phone did make and receive calls!  The UI wasn't too hard to figure out.  It was a basic phone. 

I can't remember the order of devices but at one point after that 5190 I moved onto a Motorola Startac with AT&T.  Motorola was also a well know brand name when it came to mobile phones and not to mention that my sister, a die-hard football fan, claimed that since the coaches wore Motorola headphones that it must be more reliable than Nokia.  I had both the phone and the service for a week and then cancelled.  Why?  I couldn't get used to the send and end buttons being reversed. 

I ended up going back to Omnipoint and getting a Nokia 8290 which was expensive at the time but I was happy.  I was willing to spend the money because I knew what to expect.  Maybe thats the whole key factor to brand loyalty.  Its just like choosing banks.  You go with what you trust.  I learned that from many of my customers while working in banking, that even though Bank B might be offering that cool free toaster that you might need its not worth taking the risk just to find out that the products and services from your bank can't be matched.  I'm not knocking Motorola one bit.  They do come out with some amazing products like the RAZR.  But it just wasn't for me.  Maybe its because I was too stubborn to learn the device.  When you are a creature of habit such as myself you get to the point where you just say "eh, I don't have the time". 

My husbands first phone was a Nokia 3390 and even though we have advanced to color screens, cameras, video capabilities and such you cannot convince him that there are better phones out there.  The 3390 is and will always be his favorite.  Lol, thats not brand loyalty, thats just pure stubbornness!  But I can see his point.

I think whats so easy about Nokia Mobile Phones is the transition to newer devices.  You've learned the menus and the functions.  You know what every option offers.  In all of the series 30 and series 40 phones the menu item locations have been the same and if not, you do know where to find them.  It's easy to maneuver around.  No hidden things to look for.  Not to mention that Nokia has made it very easy for users that obtain many phones.  I've had my car charger (LCH-9) since that 5190 and have used it with every Nokia that I've owned and used.  With the newer Nseries and Eseries Nokia has been kind enough to include the CA-44 adapter, saving us money from having to go out and buy a new accessory. 

Fortunately, I'm not the only person suffering from brand loyalty.  Howard Forums as well as many other online communities are filled with them.  It's a matter of choice.  Whether its the best or what makes you happy I still say... "if it works for you, then stick with it".



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As a self-proclaimed fanboy, I have to comment. I've never used any cellphone (as a primary phone) other than Nokias, and for the same reason as you. It's easy to switch between them. I've used the same car charger since my 6190 back in the day. I'm loyal to other brands as well, because they don't change drastically. I only wear Levi Blue Jeans. I don't have to shop for them. When one pair wears out, I just wear them to the store, look on the tag, and find a color I like with the same tag. No need to try them on, it's the same.

Another reason, however, that I stick with Nokias, is easy, and what I told people when I sold phones: Nokia makes cellphones. That's it. They're starting to branch out a bit, but they know their bread-and-butter is cellphones. So if they make a crappy one, they feel it. Motorola, Samsung, LG, every other manufacturer, they make everything from televisions to refridgerators. If they put out a crappy cellphone, they'll sell a couple more washing machines and not give it a second thought.


I think I'm the same way with many brands. But with all things whether its products, services or mobile phones we are first and foremost consumers. Oh and I know exactly what you mean when it comes to clothes!! Lol I've been an die-hard Nine West fan when it comes to shoes!!!

I guess its easy to get caught up in trying switching brands and trying new things. They even might be better, but me personally, I always end up going back with what I started with that made me happy.

Now can you see why its so hard to switch from to Cingular from T-Mobile!!??

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