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October 21, 2006

Nokia Local Search Application Revealed

by Darla Mack

Screenshot0006_1I honestly didn't want to get online this weekend since I'm suffering from a terrible cold, sniff.  But while browsing the feed reader on my multimedia computer (Anssi M. will be so proud that I used the correct term) I came across something interesting on AllAboutSymbian.  Interesting enough to drag me out of bed to check it out since I still can't post via the Mobile Typepad application.

Seems that popular Search feature thats included in the Nokia E50 has been extracted and found its way to the hearts of us S60 3rd Edition users.  With the Search function you can search for files, emails, notes, messages and contacts by typing in a search word and waiting less than a second for the results. 

Although this particular app was preinstalled in the E50 it does work on both Nseries and Eseries devices.  I agree with Steve Litchfield's statement that it be made as a download on the Nokia Support pages, but until then you can download it here or the above sites mentioned.

Thanks to Symbian-Freak and E61Life for the great find.  Now I'm going back to bed!

Download Nokia Search sisx


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gabriele barni

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Get well soon Darla.

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