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October 26, 2006

N93 Shipping With Mission Impossible III

by Darla Mack

05_n93_mi3_lowres_1 Today Nokia announced the launch of Mission Impossible 3 on a 512MB minisd card to be included in the N93 Sales package.  Wow, could this mean the beginning of dvd movies to be available  for our multimedia computers?  I don't think I've heard anything like this since the announcement of ROK announced the first dvd for mobile phones.

But I must impose this question... what about the consumers that already have the N93?  Hmmmm.

Espoo, Finland - In a Hollywood first, Nokia today announced the launch of the blockbuster movie M:i:III on memory cards to coincide with the film's DVD release. This exceptional quality, full length version of M:i:III will be available on memory cards exclusively with Nokia Nseries multimedia computers.

The action-packed feature film will be offered as part of the Nokia N93 sales package with no additional cost to consumers. Available in Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK, this special offer is the perfect holiday gift - allowing you to enjoy the adventures of M:i:III wherever your own adventures take you.

The Nokia N93 - with its high definition 2.4" QVGA color screen and a perfect form factor for watching videos - is the ultimate mobile entertainment device. The full length film, which is supplied on a 512MB miniSD card, runs at 25 frames per second, and you can rewind, fast forward, stop and continue watching the movie anytime. Furthermore, to make the movie experience even more complete, you can enjoy it in stereo audio thanks to the stereo headset included in the standard Nokia N93 sales package. Once you have watched the movie, you can store it on your PC and enjoy the 512MB of storage for shooting pictures and video*.

The deal between Nokia and Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, brings fans the $400 million worldwide box office hit. To date, it has been seen by more than 74 million people across the globe.

"With this package, we want to highlight that the Nokia N93 is not only a fantastic movie-making device, but that it is also a portable video player, allowing users to enjoy movies wherever, whenever," said Tuula Rytilä-Uotila, director, Multimedia, Nokia. "You can even watch movies on an airplane with the device in offline mode. Indeed, we look forward to seeing consumers across Europe enjoying M:i:III on their Nokia N93 devices this holiday season."

"Combining the exciting innovations of Nokia N93 with a film as cutting edge as M:i:III makes for a truly winning formula for consumers," said Thomas Lesinski, President, Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment.

Not only is the Nokia N93 a portable media player, it is also a high performance mobile camcorder allowing users to record their own adventures in DVD-like quality. To encourage people to shoot and share their moving moments, Nokia created the Nokia Nseries Studio (www.nokia.com/nseries/studio), an interactive online community for mobile movies which was launched by award-winning actor and director Gary Oldman. A selection of mobile movies shot with the Nokia N93 by an international cast of creative visionaries is already available to view on the site, including a short film by Gary Oldman himself.

For more information about the Nokia N93 and M:i:III, please visit: www.nokia.com/mi3

*Please note that the movie cannot be played on the PC nor can it be copied to another memory card.


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So now they are going the psp route eh? A phone that watches movies, has a 3.2 mp cam with optical zoom, wifi and tv-out is definitely better than a game player.

But why won't nokia just bite the bullet and release it with a 1 gb mini-sd? sigh...and how about us users has already has a N93?! Are we screwed? -_-* Or will the movie be avaliable on mini-sd's that can be bought in the future? It's something that worth thinking over for Nokia~


"and how about us users has already has a N93?! Are we screwed?"

1) Its a pretty lousy movie to begin with, and what entertainment value it has will be greatly diminished watching on a tiny screen. I find dialog-heavy movies (ie, not action, sci-fi, etc) that don't rely on special effects do better on the small screen.

2) Rent it from blockbuster and convert it yourself. If you don't know how to do this yourself, the N93 is probably wasted on you. (I'll take yours!)

I reacted to this announcement with a yawn, but I guess its not bad marketing.


Putting aside the subjective quality of the movie, why would anyone be excited about watching this movie, or any movie in the genre, on a 2.4" screen? These types of movies are made for big screens and surround sound. I certainly think there are plenty of good uses for video on N-series devices, this isn't one of them.

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