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October 06, 2006

Exporting Feeds and Podcasts Between Devices?

by Darla Mack

I'm hoping this is a simple solution, but I've yet to come across an answer.  So here's the thing.  You have 2 S60 3rd edition devices multimedia computers.  Of course you've racked up some pretty interesting feeds and podcasts on "mmcomp" number 1 and you've used the built in transfer app to transfer information, but why is there no way to export the feeds or podcasts?  Have I overlooked it somewhere?

Currently you can import an OPML for the podcast application but not for the feeds.  Exporting or transferring to another device isn't as easy, but I'm hoping that this can be changed in the future. 

I'm not a big fan of having to manually import things.  I guess I'm a tad bit lazy, but running around after 3 kids earns me the right to be!

So, does anyone have a solution to this problem?


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Henrik Nilsson

Hi Darla,

I´m not sure about the podcasts yet, have to look over it. If you want a solution for the feeds, why not use www.bloglines.com from your PC and http://mobile.bloglines.com from the mobile? The good thing with this is that when you have read some new feeds from your cell phone and come to work and log in to Bloglines from the PC, it remembers which new feeds you have already read.

I´m sure it´s possible to export the feeds somehow, if I come up with something I let you know!




Of course it is not nice to be jammed in a few transfer data choices, it must be included at the next software update. But i think thats why we have our external memory units. So if you choose to change your phone usually, just install the application on memory card, and set the software to use memory card for podcasts. So it will be a quick transfer when you took your memory card with you:)...

Steven Stewart

The Nokia Podcasting blog answers your comments with a big "how to".


But the short answer is that the current version of Nokia Podcasting does allow users to send RSS feed info by Bluetooth or Multimedia Message (MMS)(as well as the previously mentioned ablity to send full OPML directories. And Playlists)


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