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September 20, 2006

S60 Web Browser 2.0 Woes

by Darla

Recently Tommi informed us that the of the new S60 browser that was on display at CTIA. 

The positive is that many people, such as myself, will welcome the new changes.  One of the changes include the integration of both the "web" and "services" applications.  I never quite understood why there were 2 different menu's anyway.  You will now be able to view WAP 1.0, WAP 2.0, xHTML, and HTML pages all in one place.

Phonescoop_browser_1 One thing that I like is that you can now subscribe to a site's RSS feed directly from the site.  The sites feed (now including atom) is automatically detected and appears in the Web Feeds with favicons if that site supports it.

The frustrating part is that currently a fw update will not add or update the new browser to your existing S60 3rd edition device.  The new browser 2.0 will be seen in S60 3rd Ed FP1 devices. such as the E70.

The one problem which I hope is fixed is the access point setting that the Web Feeds seems to pick.  If you have your settings set to always ask the Web Feed just randomly picks an access point. 

via:  Tommi's S60 Application Blog, PhoneScoop


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>The new browser 2.0 will be seen in S60 3rd Ed FP1 >devices such as the E70.

This doesn't make sense. E70 is not FP1, just plain S60 3rd Ed. model. Could you clarify this point? I own E70 and would very much want 2.0 for that, but if it's only available to FP1, then it's a no go for E70 as well :/


Nokia has to release some form of sis installer for this, I'm sure? They can't just leave us in the dark! Darla, let's petition!


Pillar, sorry about the confusion. The new browser is not included on the E70. I was given mis-info... my apologies.


I have an N80 (3UK) and the enhanced browser ("web") with v4 of the firmware already supports Options->Subscribe to directly add the rss feed (not sure about atom) to the feeds.

It's a great browser, although I understand there is a new version

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